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Speak up as silence is complicity.

My beloved Bonpapa

In Eilat when he was 91. (courtesy)
In Eilat when he was 91. (courtesy)

My beloved Bonpapa,

On 1st November 1942, 81 years ago today, you had the clear-sightedness and the courage to jump out of a train that was taking you from Breendonk (Belgium) to Auschwitz (Poland).

You have always inspired me and until you passed away, you supported me, inspired me, told me many jokes, and taught me how to drink vodka!

Somehow, I’m grateful you are not here anymore to witness what’s going on and I’m enraged that your daughter, my Mom, who was a Hidden Child, has to watch the news and has to listen, AGAIN, to the silence of the world, or worse …the support those nazislamists are getting from antisemites and useful idiots.

Bonpapa, for decades, they have talked about “Never Again”, but they have fundraised the corrupt Palestinian Authority and Hamas, who have been teaching hate to their children since they were born and who are awarding monthly pensions to families who have a member who killed or wounded an Israeli.

For decades, they have played the appeasement with Iran and Qatar, they have let them buy journalists and their media in the West and fundraise our western universities to pollute the minds of young kids with their woke antisemitic narrative.
Besides a few people who helped you to hide Bonpapa, it took years for any country to fight the Nazis and we now know that, for too long, the “Jewish Question” wasn’t a priority for the Allies.

Today, WE are aware and WE are ready to fight and you will be glad to see the support from politicians and media here in America.

Israel is a thriving country, whose technology in so many fields is helping the world, and who is leading the fight between the Western World and the worldwide Jihad of the nazislamists.

Today, as every year, we will speak to our children about your bravery, about your love for Life, and about how much you continue to inspire us.

Because we are the People of The Book, because we have memory, and because we are the descendants of the Maccabees,

G-od Bless America and Am Yisrael Chai

About the Author
Eric Rozenberg was born and raised in Belgium and lived there for the majority of his life before emigrating to the US in 2013. In Brussels, he was volunteering in various Jewish organizations and has been following closely the rise of antisemitism in Belgium and in Europe for the last 40 years. His legacy book, "Before It's Too Late - A Love Letter to my Daughters and America", recounts why and how he and his wife brought their kids to America and what can be learned from their experience.
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