My Husband Promised Me Trump Would Not Be Nominated

In the beginning of this election campaign, way back when, my husband and I laughed at the candidacy of Donald Trump.  He ran in a large field of Republicans (of which he was, and is, not) and my husband promised me:  Don’t worry.  He won’t win the nomination.

It was so very easy to believe this husband of mine.  Trump had no gravitas.  He was a boor.  The things he said were shocking.  He gestured to the world about the size of his penis!  He insulted a handicapped reporter.  He admonished Carly Fiorina about her appearance.  He insulted his opponents viciously one after the other. He couldn’t compose a complete sentence.  And he knew nothing at all about anything important, critically important, in American life or Israeli life.  He knew nothing about foreign policy.  He knew nothing about the way our government works. He knew nothing about our Bill of Rights. He was a bag of insane lies from the beginning.

The true ridiculousness of his candidacy came when he produced an absurd letter from his personal physician about his health.  At that point I knew the American people were just too smart to support such a man. He was not a serious candidate.

Remember his heel spurs which kept him out of the army repeatedly.Today he’s a big fan of the military (except for soldiers who were captured and held hostage, and for soldiers who were killed in action).  When he could have displayed his true love of the service he was draft dodging. Can any military person support him? Never!

He bragged incessantly about his wealth.  Yet he became the only candidate in modern history to refuse to reveal his tax returns.  We’ve had plenty of hints that they are grossly irregular and self serving, and that his tax burden was less than those of people living in poverty.

And so I thought my husband must be right. Trump wouldn’t be nominated.

Yet, my husband was wrong.  Something in Trump resonated with the American deplorables. They nominated him to run for president.  This was a frightening event.

These are the people who deplore abortion when a girl has been raped by her father but campaign vigorously against gun control.  What’s the paradox here?  Are they pro life?  I don’t think so.

The most shocking supporters in my ken are the Jews who support Trump.  Many of them proclaim themselves to be religious.  Religious? How can it be?  Have they never heard of lashon ha ra?  Have they never heard of do not commit adultery?  As a matter of fact if we review only the basics of Judaism, the  ten dibrot, called by many the Ten Commandments, we can readily see that Trump has broken the majority of them.  Yet, these people continue to spout undying support for this man.  Mind boggling.

Can we remember Trump the finalist, the candidate the Republicans chose for their own?  Do we know all about Trump University?  Do we know all about the small vendors who were cheated out of their rightful payments by numerous Trump business endeavors?  Of course we don’t know all about his life of dishonesty and corrupt business practice. But we do know enough.

Do we know about the many campaign advisers who promised Trump would become more presidential?  They knew what many voters did not. They knew that Trump was not already  presidential.  They boasted when he was able to stick to a script.  It could be funny if it were not so pathetic and dangerous.  It takes very little to read a script written by someone else.  Ask any third grader in a school play.

Today I read Trump’s supposed Israel policy. Of course it’s pandering.  Of course it’s not written by Trump.  Of course this man who cheated and destroyed an unknown number of people and has lied to the world consistently throughout his life cannot be believed.  Idle promises in order to get elected.  Truly deplorable.  Why would anyone at all believe him when anyone at all can see his record, and judge his ignorance.

I care about Israel!  I am a citizen of Israel.  My family has served, and continues to serve in the army of Israel (the latest and youngest is proudly wearing the uniform of the Israel Air Force).  Israel’s security and safety are among  the most precious and urgent concerns of my very existence! I cannot trust the future of my beloveds and my country to any president of the United States with the total lack of character of Donald Trump. Israel needs America in this hate-filled world.  We need an America of values and decency.  We need an America where Donald Trump is not elected president of the United States.

About the Author
Rosanne Skopp is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of fourteen, and great-grandmother of three. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and travels back and forth between homes in New Jersey and Israel. She is currently writing a family history.
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