My Oslo 2.5 Peace Process Proposal!

Dear Bibi, in light of the fact that, once again, you’ve decided to take ‘painful choices for peace’ on our behalf, I thought that I should also throw in my two cents as well, before you take it anyway and give it to our enemies.

Once again, you’ve decided to release more terrorists from Israel’s prisons and propose a bill giving up ALL sovereign Israeli land, in exchange for Obama playing you around, not delivering the weapons we need to defend ourselves efficiently and buying more time until Iran has nukes. What a truly gutsy negotiator you really are…

I also know just how many sacrifices you’re making on our behalf. While Israelis are burdened under heavy taxes, to pay for your mismanagement of the economy and spending in your last term (you MIT graduate of management you), you’re mercilessly slashing your ice cream budget and limiting yourself to flying around in air plane seats that cost mere hundreds of thousands of dollars. And people still have the audacity to complain? Sheesh. But they just don’t understand politics. If you don’t arrive at a destination refreshed and ready to go, how are you going to make good decisions on our behalf?

Another great Oslo scheme which you endorsed so enthusiastically last time you were PM (from 1996-99 you know, in the run up to the last intifada), was how much money you had been pumping into the Palestinian economy so that our Arab neighbours wouldn’t want to kill us. A scheme which, by the time of the 2000 intifada saw the economies of the ‘Palestinian territories’ greater than that of all surrounding Arab nations, combined. And so naturally, after that success you decided to continue the scheme this time around too…?

But to the point. It seems we go into rather a lot of unnecessary trouble with this peace process predicament. Terrorists kill us, you arrest them, you bribe them by building entire towns and villages at the Israeli tax payer’s expense, and in return, the loving Palestinian mothers (and the left) train more terrorists to kill us, with the result that a short while later the Palestinians go out, and more Jews die. Or in this case, you release terrorists whom, if they are too old to kill, will help and encourage younger Palestinians to plan terror operations.

Wouldn’t it just be better to avoid this unnecessary maneuvering? Wouldn’t it just be better if, say every few years, you gather together around two to three thousand Jews and march them unarmed into Gaza or some other Arab village in Yesha for the Arabs to do whatever they want with them? I think this is a far more efficient scheme and requires far less paperwork. This does seem to be the current going rate of Jewish lives anyway, unless you think it not a generous enough number for peace?

In other headlines I noticed that the Japanese have donated a factory of some sort for Jews and Palestinians to work together (because we don’t already have those (?) and because the obstacle to peace isn’t the fact that we know and see hatred in the eyes of almost every Arab we meet, it’s the fact that we haven’t spent enough time together as a ‘community’ manufacturing toilet seats?).

I have a better suggestion. Why not send the contingent of 2000 peace process Jews to work in those factories? If the Arabs want some cheap labour they could get them to work to help that all important ‘Palestinian economy’ so many of the Oslo initiatives are designed to help. Of course, as we know from ancient Egypt, those pesky Jews have a habit of escaping captivity (chutzpah!), so maybe a good idea would be to brand every Jew who works in the factory with a number? This would help stop any Jews from cheating on their peace process obligations and stop them from embarrassing you in front of the international community.

So, isn’t this just a great idea!? This would save a whole lot of trouble, it would save you having to release terrorists, hell, it would even save the poor Palestinians the trouble of training themselves to kill Jews in the first place which would then mean you wouldn’t even have to arrest them!

This brilliant scheme would save you building entire villages for them, which will only become the graveyards of our soldiers during the next intifada. Instead, you could just give them the houses of the processed Jews sent to work in the new factories. Hey! It would even save us the trouble of becoming soldiers in the first place! Just see a periodic culling/enslavement of Jews as a form of tax to save everybody a lot of trouble and headache.

But please don’t be alarmed and I don’t want to be branded some sort of crackpot here, but there’s no suggestion that any of our wonderful leadership should be sacrificed (Heaven forefend)! That would be a little too painful for peace. Just sacrifice some of those insignificant little people who probably didn’t vote for you anyway (I admit I wasn’t one of them).

Yes, I can hear John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all those in America’s diplomatic industrial complex licking their lips at the proposal, not to mention all our friends in Europe. Yes, I do truly believe that once and for all, on implementing this scheme you will get your Nobel Prize and stop that irritating Shimon Peres from gloating once and for all…

OK, seriously. As a part time journalist, I covered the anniversary celebrations of the Oslo Accords (almost exactly) a year ago. Among those attending the glitzy party were the chief profiteers of Israel’s failed peace process, including President Shimon Peres. Outside, there were a small group of protesters standing quietly with their handwritten banners asking those that attended what there was to celebrate? Over 1000 Jews (actually it was over 1600) had been brutally murdered with thousands upon thousands of rockets having been fired at innocent Israeli men, women and children.

The condescending attitude of those who even bothered to acknowledge our presence made me nauseous. Standing next to politicians who should be tried for treason, we were powerless and they knew it. Without shame, they showed us that they absolutely did not fear us or any of our questions. Were there any doubts in the minds of these people? Was there even an attempt to explain to us that we might be missing some point or another?

No. There was not.

As these people marched past us one by one, they said nothing because there is nothing, no way, to excuse celebrating from having profited from the deaths of other Jews.

At the end I followed this group of around 5 or 6 Jewish protesters as they asked prominent ministers and leaders the same question: what about the 1000 (sic) Jews? In the end I caught on tape an exchange between one of the protesters and the granddaughter of Yizhak Rabin, which made it into the headlines on the evening news.

At last we had some sort of response. However, it wasn’t that the Jewish victims were to be discussed, there was simply an emotional defense from Rabin’s granddaughter that because the protesters were of the same political opinion as her grandfather’s assassin, we were guilty of Rabin’s murder. Oddly enough, it never occurred to her that Rabin, as PM who signed the Oslo death accords, was directly responsible for the slaughter of the largest amount of unarmed Jews since the Shoah.

To be fair, Rabin’s granddaughter wasn’t the guilty party here. While all those connected to Rabin and Oslo politically should walk around with their heads in shame, they strut around without a care in the world. After all, what price have they paid for supporting Oslo?

This will be Bibi in 10 years time.

The final irony (and tragedy), for those that know their history is that Rabin had his doubts about Arafat’s sincerity even before the so-called peace process began. In this perverse and tragic history, Rabin’s legacy is double-sided. Something few people know is that Israel’s security barrier, which has saved countless Jewish lives, was conceived by Rabin himself. Something the left will never tell you as they campaign to have the ‘apartheid’ barrier removed in order to facilitate the same ends as Netanyahu’s prisoner release: dead Jews.

In light of Netanyahu’s not one, but two fantastically back-stabbing decisions today I wonder what he thinks is the purpose of Israel? I was under the impression that it was meant to be a safe-haven for Jews.

The other question I have would be something a FaceBook friend asked (he’s a convert to Judaism): what is the point of being Jewish, if it is to carry on our dreadful history?

I write this not to cause even more pain and despair than has already been felt today, but as a warning, a red light as to who Israel has at the helm. If you want things to change, get the hell out there and do something about it. But if you’re happy continuing Jewish history, carry on reading. Be outraged enough to share this with your friends, and then ‘like’ that other cute kitten picture on FB as we walk over the cliff into an abyss.

I propose a million man march to the Knesset, because what Netanyahu has done today is only the beginning… This is not just about prisoners, it’s about Oslo. America. Everything. This cannot continue.

As Prime Minster Netanyahu is so often fond of telling us, his brother Yoni, was killed in the Entebbe raid 37 years ago. Yes Bibi, Yoni was killed because he put HIS life on the line for OTHERS. He was and is a hero because he is the complete opposite of you.

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