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“My painkillers turned me Gay”

The heading of this blog post is identical to the title of a recent YouTube clip. The fragment was from the This Morning show on British ITV. The description under the clip reads:

Scott Purdy was a ‘hot-blooded’ heterosexual who enjoyed dating women, but when the 23-year-old was prescribed painkiller Pregabalin for a long-term ankle injury, he claims he lost his sexual attraction to women and has been turned gay. Broadcast on 18/04/2018

In short: a pill can make some men gay.

A real sell would be a pill that could make you straight, but I guess that will be the future. (Just kidding.)

What’s wrong with this report? (Not that it’s politically incorrect or offensive – though that should ring a bell.) Well, where to start?

The story of this nervous (look at his bobbing knee) 23-year old is taken at face-value. In the age of the Internet and Trump, why believe anyone seeking our attention? I’m not saying that he’s (plainly) lying or confabulating (an unaware filling up of memory gaps with untruths), but it should be checked. I mean, it’s the perfect excuse for someone having a hard time coming out.

They easily could have asked his estranged father, who was interviewed by the Daily Mail the very next day. He always knew that his son was gay, not from his sexual actions but from his mannerisms.

Another red flag is that there never was any chemical that could change sexual orientation.

From so many pedophiles (and judges over child molesters) to grudging homosexuals (or their unhappy families), from countless religious fanatics to repressive regimes, and from everyone who subscribes to autonomy and free choice to those who would love to choose or change their lifestyle, a medication that could give them that freedom would have been so welcome. The only medication there is is stuff that might lower or heighten the level of libido – not the direction.

Of course, this could be an exceptional find that might open science and our future up to freedom of choice in what partners and sex could make us fulfilled. However, before getting all excited, just as with someone claiming to be the Messiah or have outsmarted Einstein, let’s first try to find some objective proof for this breathtaking breaking “news.”

Well, after a flood of anger went over him for his TV story, he life-broadcasted at Facebook a mumbling apology and sort-of retraction. He would like that to go viral. That sounds like attention-seeking, really.

Whatever the case, YouTube clip is still unapologetically on the Internet, having gained 364,249 views and counting. Fake news.

* * *

Allow me, for balance, to close with some happy gay news:

When this grandfather came out as gay at age 95, two brothers grabbed the camera –

Ra’anana gets Israel’s first openly gay mayor –

Top French chef offers tips to gay Israelis rejected by families –

Though I daily follow a dozen news-outlets that focus on Israel, probably not by chance, all brought to us by the Times of Israel.

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