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My ‘Times of Israel’ Blogger’s Report Card (Satire)

Disappointed Mother Reading Son's Report Card (Photo by William Gottlieb/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)
Disappointed Mother Reading Son's Report Card (Photo by William Gottlieb/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Many of my readers have inquired, “Mort, does the Times of Israel give you an annual report card?”

“Of course, they do!” I replied.

And because of these inquires, I’ve decided to publish my freshly minted, 2022 TOI report card.

This way, my readers will understand how I’m doing in eyes of the TOI editorial staff.

Times of Israel

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From the Offices of the Editorial Staff

West Jerusalem, Israel

2022 Blogger’s Report Card of Mort Laitner–Class of 2019

December 13, 2022

Mort Laitner is a conscientious, hard working, prolific blogger. Sometimes, he tries too hard and when he does, it exhausts our editors.

He works independently but on occasions incorporates musicians, like Lois Gilbert and actors, like Dennis Fitzpatrick, in his works.

Mort is self-motivated but seems to have an obsession with antisemitism, the Holocaust and Donald Trump.

He consistently completes his blogs in a timely manner; for this we’re grateful.

Mort puts forth his best efforts, exceeds our expectations with the quality, quantity and creativity of his work. Because of his satirical pieces, we consider him TOI’s Andy Borowitz.

He acts maturely, even when we reject some of his stories. Mort seems to possess an empathy for our editorial staff’s decision-making process.

Overall analysis:

This blogger, Mort Laitner, has done a great job in writing about; confronting; overcoming the significant challenges facing Israel and world-wide Jewry in these difficult times.

It’s clear that he takes pride in his work.

Therefore, we recommend he be sent, via email, a TOI certificate of appreciation.



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