Name That Jew – Part Two?

I noticed that one of the most popular blog articles during the past week was “I’m that Jew“, an excellent piece of writing by Eitan Chitayat in which he expresses solidarity with the many different types of members of our little tribe.  After reading the article a few times, I came away with a few conclusions: a few serious, and one quite silly.

The serious conclusions:

  • Eitan Chitayat is a very talented young writer.
  • At times of tragedy or struggle like these, it is important to re-affirm the unity of our People and to demonstrate ahavat yisrael.
  • Franz Rozenzweig‘s profound dictum, “Nothing Jewish is alien to me”, remains an important guidepost while great diversity of thought and practice define modern Jewish life.

The silly conclusion:

  • Lots of Jews really enjoy reading lists of other Jews.

The famous SNL Hanukkah Song should have made this point obvious to me, but the positive response to Chitayat’s article really brought the message home.  Succumbing to my sillier instincts, and deciding it’s best to “go with the flow”, I have decided to publish my own rhyming list of Jews.  Who knows, I might even break the record for the most links to Wikipedia within a single TOI blog post.  Enjoy!


About the Author
Gary Kulwin is a software engineer living in Florida with his wife and kids. He lived in Israel in 1985-1986, and worked in Jewish communal service in 1993-98.