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It is not only an absurdity but a national calamity that a Jewish soldier has been found guilty by Jewish judges of a Jewish army in the only Jewish country in the world for killing a Palestinian Arab pogromnik, with fresh Jewish blood still on his weapon? Compare this verdict with the action taken by an American 4-star general named George Patton against a company of American soldiers for massacring scores of German and Hungarian SS guards immediately upon the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. He immediately dismissed the charges against all of them and had their service records purged of any mention of the incident. Although George Patton was a known anti-Semite, his actions seem to contradict this notion. Elor Azaria’s judge’s action, on the other hand, seemed to belie the fact that they are not.

If Elor Azaria has been found guilty of manslaughter, then my friend Yacov should be arrested for murder. As an American MP in Germany after WWII, he was tasked with bringing in former SS men for questioning. One day his commanding officer summoned him to his office and looking at his file commented that it states that he was Jewish and also that he wasn’t bringing in many SS men. Yacov didn’t bring them to headquarters, but instead brought them to justice; not to the courts where they would have punishment the equivalent of traffic violations for mass murder, but in the woods where they received exactly what they deserved.  P.S. Yacov later became a sailor, when he together with others ran the British blockade with a ship full of arms collected in the USA, Cuba, and Mexico. He then switched to becoming a soldier again and fought in Israel’s War of Independence and in the Suez War of 1956.

I remember when I visited Israel for the first time in 1961 I made sure that I visited a large stone house in the Negev Desert with an inside wall pock-marked with bullet holes. At that time all Jewish Israelis took pride in the holes and those that made them. This was the year that Eichmann was standing trial and all memories of the holocaust were rekindled. Eichmann was not the only Nazi to flee Germany. At that time the US State Department shepparded hordes of Nazis and their collaborators to our shores for future use against the Soviets. Countless SS men also found a haven and immediate employment as mercenaries for the Arab armies invading the new State of Israel. Even Eichmann’s closest aide (Alois Brunner) found sanctuary and employment in Syria. For the same reason there were no trials for those that finished off the Nazis against the wall there should not be one for someone who finished off a Nazi on the ground.

This 19-year-old sergeant was convicted not because he committed a criminal act, but because he violated the ethic of inverse logic stupefying Israel’s civilian and military elite, who have long forgotten that Israel was created first and foremost to perpetuate Jewish national and religious existence protected by a strong and motivated Jewish army; and not an ever-shrinking arena for left-wing self-destructive debating societies fortified by dumpsters full of UN  and EU resolutions, UN and EU assurances and protected by UN peacekeepers. They could even use the ones that stood around while the Bosnians were being slaughtered.

Motivation and morale cannot be maintained when a young sergeant is faced with a 20-year sentence for doing the right thing and a lying rapist president and a thieving degenerate prime minister (whose sons fled Israel to avoid military service) are serving minimal prison sentences for doing the wrong thing.  If these two creatures represent the apex of Israel’s political hierarchy, then having to reach up to touch bottom could describe the level of those that chose them and also key members of Israel’s civilian and military judiciary. We should therefore even consider ourselves lucky that they found Eichmann guilty.

At the very worst Elor deserves a verbal reprimand for a breach of discipline from his chain of command; and at the same time, the entire chain of command deserves a swift and humiliating kick in the pants for not standing behind him and all our soldiers.  They should have followed the example of an American 4 Star general and not the misconceptions of two-bit politicians.

About the Author
Daniel Levinson is a U.S. Navy veteran, veteran of the Yom Kippur War, combatant in the terrorist raid of Nahariya, and the father of two reserve officers in the Israeli Army.
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