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Nazi criminal Landsbergis had to be a KGB spy

My friend sent me a very interesting document about Lithuanian Nazi criminal Vytautas Landsbergis Žemkalnis. The fanatic of Lithuanian ethnic ideology renounced his Lithuanian nationality on 20 October 1955.

Isn’t it interesting? The Lithuanian who had been ready and, in fact, very happy to torture and murder thousands and thousands of innocent people due to their “wrong” ethnicity, the Lithuanian who signed the Act on nationalization of all Jewish property during World War II, renounced to his Lithuanian nationality. I find this funny.

However, there is something unexplained in the story of Nazi criminal Landsbergis.

In June 1941, Landsbergis gave oath to Adolf Hitler and became a Minister of Infrastructure at the Lithuanian Nazi Government. Landsbergis became the chief governor of the “Jewish Concentration Camp”, and he signed the Act on nationalization of Jewish property. Moreover, he voted to appoint another Holocaust perpetrator Jonas Noreika to the position of governor of the Siauliai Region. Thus, Landsbergis is also responsible for the massacres of Jews by Noreika.

By the end of the war, Landsbergis flew to Australia, and renounced his Lithuanian nationality.

Guess what happened next.

In 1959, the former Nazi Minister applied for a Soviet citizenship. Under Article 19 of the Soviet Citizenship Act, the Parliament of the Soviet Union took the decision to restore his Soviet nationality. Landsbergis returned to Lithuania. The Soviet Union closed a pharmacy that was operating in his WWII house, and restored his property rights to that house. Moreover, the Soviet Union granted him the title of “Honorable Architect of the Soviet Lithuania”.

We are not talking about the Liberal Soviet Union of Mikhail Gorbachev. This is the Soviet Union of Stalinist Leonid Brezhnev.

30 million Soviet nationals died in the WWII. This was a sufficient reason for the Soviet authorities not to like Nazis. However, they loved Landsbergis.

The only logical explanation of this love of the Soviet Union is that Landsbergis was a KGB spy.

In fact, many Nazi officials understood that Hitler had no chances to win after the Stalingrad battle. What should you do after understanding that the Soviet Union was going to win? Even Holocaust perpetrator Jonas Noreika started to criticize Germans after the Stalingrad battle.

Apparently, Landsbergis started to cooperate with the KGB. He became their spy within the Nazi authorities of Lithuania. Then, the KGB needed him as a spy among thousands of Lithuanian immigrants in Australia.

He renounced his Lithuanian nationality, because the KGB needed that.

This is the only reasonable explanation of Landsbergis’ successful career in the Soviet Union after being a Nazi Minister of Infrastructure during the WWII.

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