Netanyahu does as he pleases and Biden lets him

How far is Netanyahu willing to go? This question has been asked multiple times in the past, and truthfully, he has crossed every line the critical public considered uncrossable. 

It was an interesting question for the wider Jewish public, while his ridiculous and unsupportable choices only concerned Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. This changed, right when he was dethroned. Dethroned and left to his remaining devices. 

The way he saw it, he only had one choice – to leave his former neoliberal path sprinkled with a bit of genocide and join his new buddies at a point on the political spectrum everyone thought was impossible to incorporate into a government. 

What did he have to lose? Nothing, of course. 

His enemies hated him no matter what he did, and his, let’s say, misguided supporters would jump off a cliff if he told them to. 

Netanyahu left his morals long ago, that is, if he had any. Now, the only thing he wants is to stay in the prime minister’s office instead of a nursing home to live out the remainder of his days. 

To have Israel’s most extreme politicians join his coalition was really hitting two birds with one stone. He returned to power, and in turn, all the media attention turned to his literal partners in crime instead of him. He dodged a bullet of constant scrutiny and hate and had it be directed at his pals who now make the headlines every day instead of him. 

Who cares about bad old Bibi, when you could complain about his vice prime minister or his police minister, people who were arrested for crimes multiple times? He is out of the spotlight while being the most powerful man in the country. 

He’s not going further right, of course, it’s only the most senior members of his government. He can go as far as he wants, as long as he has his pawns he calls partners to do the dirty work for him. Before he was sworn in, everyone speculated, “will he receive even an ounce of condemnation from the US? Will Joe stand on the side of the oppressed for once?

But Bibi got lucky again. Joe doesn’t care about the Middle East, and as long as he stays indifferent, both Bibi and Israel will have a best friend in the United States. As secretary of state Blinken tweeted, Israel’s defense forces have the US’ unwavering support. 

But what kind of defense is the one that hurts the “attackers” more than it got hurt by them?

By the look of the protests that erupted after the new government was sworn in, one could wonder about the longevity of Bibi as prime minister. But now, after the lack of proper criticism, he knows that he can do whatever he wants. It’s over. 

The opposition can keep on opposing, Bibi has no shame. He doesn’t care. He’s an old man, clinging to power. The only thing waiting for him outside his office is his cell. 

He can’t give up now. He’s going all the way. 

What does that mean in his case? We’ll all find out pretty soon.

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Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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