Netanyahu’s release of terrorists leaves Israelis in shock and again, unsafe

On May 7, 2002, four Arab Israelis cooperated with Hammas and sent a suicide bomber to a club in Rishon Letzion.

As a result, 15 innocent civilians were brutally murdered, including my father, and 85 others left severely injured. The entire country was crying again, watching photos of the victims on the news, and the national trauma continued to affect all Israelis.

Those who are familiar with the strength impact of terrorism can describe the horrible scene at any attack, scattered with limbs and other parts disconnected from bodies, babies and children burned to death, and more violence that is beyond words. Terrorism has no mercy and unfortunately Israel has become a daily target of those with an cruel and inhumane ideology, who wish violence and harm upon others. Their leaders only objective is to diminish the state of Israel and deny the Holocaust.

But despite this reality, the State of Israel has a leader who acts with his own opinion and makes decisions that could harm his own citizens, diminishing their value of life.

Benjamin Netanyahu, there is no way to explain the insane decisions you have made. There is no justice or reason in releasing terrorist who have taken the lives of your own citizens, allowing them to go free, back to their families, and hurt us again. You are not a leader, but rather a drunk driver, swerving out of control. You continue to use words promising to fight against terrorism and the enemies of Israel, but your actions say something completely different, and in doing so, you spit in the face of all Israelis. Nonetheless, you continue down this path, against what is in the best interest of your own people.

An action like this should have prompted protests and rallies throughout the streets of Israel, demanding the release of terrorists be overturned.  But this is only my fantasy, and not a reality as there are a few dozens of protesters against Netanyahu’s actions. This is not the strength and support Israeli’s should be showing at a time like this. It leaves me to believe that something else is happening within the Israeli nation, leaving people sitting at home unwilling to speak out.

The entire global anti-Israel network is listening closely everyday to what is happening within our country and judging our decisions. In New York, Jews became a target in a game called “Knock-Out,” and Jews around Europe have also become a daily target for anti-Semitic supporters. Students in Hebrew University in Jerusalem are not safe to travel outside of the walls of the university, and the academic boycott and Nazi salutes we have seen from sports figures, are all examples of what is happening to the Jewish community around the world.

By succumbing to Terrorist demands, we show the world our weakness, which empowers them to continue to hurt us. We must rally together and once again become a strong and unified global Jewish community, and a strong Israeli nation.

About the Author
Jacob Kimchy, the Publisher of, lost his father, Rami Kimchy Z”L in a suicide attack in Rishon L’Tzion, Israel. Kimchy is the Author of “A NEW SUNRISE” , memoir / motivational guide slated for publication in early 2015.
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