Netanya’s TrenDemon Aims to Take Content ROI Tracking to New Heights

Having completed IBM’s prestigious Alpha Zone accelerator earlier this summer, TrenDemon is gearing up for a major revamp of its product this month that includes more sophisticated content analytics, powerful new integrations and bleeding-edge machine learning capabilities. 

IBM Watson’s Tradeoff Analytics tools will further TrenDemon’s powerful understanding of customer content journeys and automated on-site content promotion ad units. The company’s recent announcement of the Watson integration comes as TrenDemon’s user acquisition has begun to see a rapid increase. 

With headquarters in Netanya’s Poleg district, TrenDemon is a global content marketing analytics and automation company with a product that’s already trusted by some of the world’s largest brands. Since its inception in 2013, TrenDemon has been adopted by Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Infosys, Checkpoint, Fiverr and IBM.

Marketing tech platforms continue to experience widespread popularity and growing demand. IDC Research recently predicted that in the five-year period from 2014 to 2018, the martech industry will see annual average revenues exceeding $26 billion.

Today TrenDemon is in solid position to ride this wave, thanks to distinctive features that make it easier for content marketers to track, optimize and guide individual customer journeys. 

Why Content ROI Insights Are in Demand 

New lead acquisition, nurture and sales paradigms place considerable pressure on publishers and marketers to drive revenues with their content. Whether publishers treat content as a product unto itself or brands use content to generate leads for their core businesses, content marketing is now standard practice across industries. 

Technology for tracking content business performance is still new and misunderstood, and brands are still learning which metrics matter most. 

TrenDemon recognizes that companies are publishing so much content and promoting it across so many marketing channels that it’s become hard to identify the journeys to purchase that perform the best. Today’s marketers need better ROI insights to maximize the performance and value of their content. Instead of simply tracking per-page metrics like clicks, shares and time on page, TrenDemon identifies multi-page content journeys that lead visitors towards predetermined on-site conversion goals. 

The tool provides detailed insights into user journeys and tailors real-time, personalized content recommendations and calls-to-action to guide site visitors towards the content items that the engine determines to be most likely to successfully drive conversions. 

Is Content ROI a Futile Quest? 

Many argue that “brand awareness” is a valuable, intangible asset that makes content worthwhile – even if there is no key performance indicator (KPI) to make it measurable. Publishing helps companies to maximize their search discoverability and digital footprints, which can be hard to quantify. On the other hand, developing quality content requires significant resources, and today’s businesses are increasingly using content marketing as “lead magnets” that replace outbound sales tactics, so it makes sense that these pages be expected do more than simply “help get the name out there.” 

One of the key reasons that the content ROI futility myth persists is that, historically, brands have been unable to measure nuanced elements of user journeys that help make it clear what role each published page actually plays. Content can and should have a measurable ROI, but brands need to invest in the right tools to make sure that they’re seeing commensurate returns on their content investments. 

Truly high-quality content will always have demonstrable ROI, but brands must be prepared to measure it and give their teams the tracking tools and promotional methods required for success. 

How TrenDemon’s New Release Changes the Game 

The latest update to TrenDemon goes well beyond the IBM Watson artificial intelligence-powered insights that operate behind the scenes. The new release includes the ability to drill down into the data with reports that slice performance according to referrer channel, so that marketers can correlate specific content journeys with specific goals, deal values, and date ranges. 

This type of granular insight helps content publishers understand not only which content performs well on its own but which off-site presences actually convert the best with what pages —an important distinction that can make metrics far more meaningful. 

One piece of content may receive lots of clicks, but if it doesn’t lead users down the funnel to any sales or micro-conversions, its ROI is inferior to a piece of content that receives fewer, higher-value clicks. TrenDemon not only tracks and measures user journeys, it presents visitors with custom dialog boxes, pop ups, and other promotional unit types to individual audience members. These personalized content recommendations take many sophisticated parameters into account, including the visitor’s browsing history, past goals reached, geo-location and even custom data sources like the publisher’s own browser cookies and CRM segments.

Demand for Answers to Content ROI Questions

Across every industry, content publishers are hungry for solutions that can deliver insights into content ROI. Existing solutions like Kissmetrics and HubSpot serve certain niches, offering metrics for some aspects of the ROI tracking demand, while falling short in others. As demand for useful data grows, more competitors will enter the ROI tracking field. 

TrenDemon has ambitious plans for growth and a solution that combines valuable insights and industry-first customization and automation. These features may be enough to set the company apart as the marketing tech sector continues to enjoy massive growth in the years ahead. 

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Joe Liebkind is a Berlin-based writer, originally from New York City. He has worked with startups in sales and marketing roles in Berlin and New York. He loves to write and is passionate about all things Israel.
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