Chaya Lester

‘Never Again’ Came & Went

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‘Never Again’
Is no longer our slogan.
‘Again’ came & went.
October 7th rendered it irrelevant
…and good riddance.
Because we have wrapped ourselves in that
false-security-blanket-statement far too long.
All of us so certain
it simply would never, could never, occur again.
Not even our wildest imaginations
could we have fabricated this sequel.
Inconceivable such evil
could come again…
But come it did
And it keeps coming
On our screens
The ghoulish details keep
of carnage beyond comprehension
Beheaded infants,
children tortured to death in front of parents
And parents in front of children,
A whole room of hiding Jews gassed to extinction.
Rape of children, women.
Rape of our imaginations.
Histories’ most documented massacre,
here for all to see in vivid color.
And yet whole swaths of blind
‘public opinion’ side
with absolute demons.
Rebranding the victims
as the abusers
with twisted daggers of computers.
Do not turn away from the stain of this blood bath, you foolish, misled world,
How dare you excuse, justify and in any way stand by such vileness, such violence?
But here is what will never happen again,
dear world-wide enemies and erstwhile friends…
We will ‘never again’
cave to the world’s misplaced reprimands.
‘Never again’ will we stomach your senseless equivocations
And global cries for ‘proportion’.
‘Never again’ will we allow the sacrifice of our children
To demons
On altars of warped humanitarianism and ‘peace’.
Because now we have a homeland,
We have weapons in our hands.
Judah is a lion
About the Author
Psychotherapist, inspirational speaker, wordsmith, performance artist & Co-Director of Jerusalem's Shalev Center. Chaya lives in the heart of Jerusalem with her husband R'Hillel & their 4 energetic children. Read more pieces like this in real-life book form:
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