Never Again is a verb, not a noun

After approximately 4,000 years since G-d´s covenant with Abraham the Jewish people faced near annihilation during the Shoah. Shortly after, they finally established a country of their own in the same ancestral land they were several times expelled from. The phrase “Never Again ”emerged at a pivotal time when the Jewish people began a new era, a new way of life, and a new stance in the world.

Jews may no longer be purely observant, to preserve and nurture this new reality, no matter where they are, they must stand and defend their rights. As individuals, communities, a State, or as part of the Jewish people as a whole, Jews must take action. Jews primary objective is to help bring prosperity and well-being to all humankind. Secondly, to protect their land and heritage in order to fulfill their many obligations as Jews.

Here, I introduce a new concept: while the State of Israel is Jewish principal ground, the Diaspora also serves a purpose in pursuing their primary and secondary objectives. Therefore, it is equally important to protect all grounds where the Diaspora exists. In Israel, Jews face significant threats, requiring a strong military to defend their land. In the Diaspora, Jews face different threats and must use other means—press releases, media articles, legal resources, rallies, and political lobbying. While the State of Israel must use military force to protect the country, Jewish communities worldwide are obligated to take a stand and hold their ground for future generations to be able to live in a healthy and prosperous Diaspora. Hiding in the shadows has never been effective.

Regardless of the size of a Jewish community, they are not alone and must learn to stand their ground. First, an Israeli Embassy in their country can be a valuable ally. Additionally, there are numerous international Jewish associations, many of which a Jewish community may already be a member of, along with other Jewish communities in their region or worldwide. Locally, one will always find political, religious, or other groups and institutions that hold Judeo-Christian values and are willing to stand with you. Act, formulate a strategy, develop a narrative, and stand your ground.

Israeli and Diaspora Jews are one people. The State of Israel and the Diaspora grounds are one ground. One needs the other to guarantee their survival, all parts form one single entity, the strength is in their unity. This concept must be understood and embraced so the Jewish people can have better chances to fulfill their objectives.

“Never Again” is a call to action. Jews have the responsibility to leave future generations a better reality than the one they were handed to. Jews cannot allow terrible things to happen to them simply because they are Jews. Passivity and invisibility have never worked; one loses respect and one loses their standing, sometimes one’s belongings, and sometimes even one’s life. People should know Jews will not accept being the object of biased, malicious antisemitism. Jews must stop it as it begins, when it is still small. “Let it be, it’s nothing, it’ll vanish” is the wrong approach. One must act early, not when the problem has grown and requires drastic measures to stop it. The best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Wherever you are, stand your ground. I am a Guatemalan Jew, I will stand mine.

About the Author
Born in Guatemala in 1956. MBA, Businessman. Former president Jewish Community of Guatemala.
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