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Queer Feminist Zionist from Hell

Never Again Is Now


I protested Trump’s Muslim ban in 2017. I chanted and stood my ground in front of riot cops at SFO demanding a flight of weary travelers be allowed to disembark their plane. I drove 45 minutes from my house because it was the right thing to do. It’s still the right thing to do.

During that protest, I thought about my father and grandparents coming to the United States as refugees and Stateless people. They were fleeing Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. As Jews, they had no citizenship, they were Stateless because the Nazis had removed citizenship for Jews, and Mussolini’s Italy had enacted the so called Racial Laws which targeted Jews and African immigrants from colonized Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

Some of my other relatives didn’t survive. My Great Grandfather died in the Nexon concentration camp in southern France in 1943 because he was Jewish. His shop and apartment and all the belongings inside were confiscated by the Nazis in Weinheim, Germany during WW2 because he was Jewish. 

My father’s cousins were murdered at the Sobibor death camp in Poland because they were Jewish. They were forcibly taken from their apartments in Frankfurt one night, deported on a train, marched off the train and straight to the gas chamber. Before being gassed to death, they were stripped and their heads were shaved. That was 81 years ago. So much for White Privilege. 

Hamas are the new Nazis. These new Nazis think that non-Muslims are infidels and must convert or die, but Jews should be slaughtered. 

Major American cities have passed resolutions condemning Israel without condemning Hamas. When people tried to introduce language into the resolutions about releasing hostages or condemning mass rape, they were booed, jeered at, intimidated, called liars, and their voices were drowned out by activists in the crowd who wouldn’t allow a civil discourse.

A Canadian politician named Selina Robinson was recently forced to step down from her post in the New Democratic Party (NDP) leadership of British Columbia. She badly paraphrased a famous Golda Meir quote and local Muslim and Pro Palestinian groups insisted that she resign. She’s Jewish. Many believe this is in retaliation for the firing of Natalie Knight. Knight was recorded saying that October 7th was a ‘brilliant operation.’ 

October 7th was a second holocaust. Holocaust victims who survived the German Nazis are now mourning the murder of their children and grandchildren while begging for the return of other family members still being held hostage in Gaza.

Now we know the terrible fear is real, over 30 of the remaining hostages are now confirmed to have been murdered. This is a war of terror and about inflicting maximum psychological trauma on an entire people.

Plane loads of somatic practitioners, mental health professionals, and PTSD experts are needed in the region. especially for Israeli and Palestinian children, and Israeli rape victims.

The most peace loving people were slaughtered, raped, burned, and mutilated on October 7th. Most were ardent Lefties who were based in community building and cross cultural peaceful exchanges. They truly believed in the Kibbutzim. They were committed to mutual aid, community living, and social justice. Carnage happened at a peaceful music festival where young people were dancing and celebrating life and then mercilessly hunted down and murdered.

Gruesome video and horrific eyewitness accounts from October 7th confirm that the terrorists enjoyed what they were doing. Mass rape, torture, maximum brutality, and heinous acts of depravity were committed that day. Israelis are not allowed to mourn. Hamas is still launching rockets from daycares, schools, hospitals, and mosques but protestors want Israel to lay down her arms and allow Hamas to continue what they started on October 7th. Free Palestine? How? Allow Hamas to continue their abominations and overrun Israel completely? Hezbollah continues to launch rockets in northern Israel where thousands of people are displaced. It’s been proven now that the UN sponsored UNRWA was infiltrated by pro Hamas militants who participated in October 7th and participated in actual kidnapping of dead bodies to hold for ransom back in Gaza. Pure evil.

The ultimate plan for the fundamentalists is to create another Islamic Caliphate in the region. This isn’t about land or a Palestinian State. This isn’t about Palestinian self determination and the liberation of Palestinian lives. The ultimate goal is to murder Jews, destroy Israel, and establish Islamic law with Iran having full access to the Mediterranean. The Shias in Iran are playing nice with the Sunnis in Gaza and the West Bank because they both hate Israel and Jews.

Women and girls are being held against their will in underground dark tunnels by psychotic rapists and murderers. Still you march…even terrorizing patients in hospitals simply because they have Jewish affiliations.

Many a loud voice on the Left blames the victims and parrots propaganda they have garnished from social media channels, especially ones owned by billionaires and foreign communist governments.

‘Queers for Palestine’…Palestine doesn’t want you. Palestine has oil rich benefactors who are laughing their heads off that so many on the Left can be so gullible and so easily manipulated. Who pays Susan Sarandon’s bills? When you demand a ceasefire while Hamas and Hezbollah continue firing rockets towards civilians then you have lost your pacifist credibility. 

Rep. Rashida Tlaib was the one abstaining vote in Congress recently on condemning Hamas for mass rape. Who pays her bills? She has no moral authority on anything and should immediately resign.

A queer Palestinian was just granted asylum in Israel so go ask him what he thinks about Queers for Palestine. Similar to the Jewish Voice For Peace who think they own the moral high ground over everything Israel related, Queers For Palestine and a lot of other LGBTQ focused groups say nothing about the women and girls languishing in hell and say nothing about Hamas surrendering or adhering to a ceasefire. I have previously written about following the funding of many groups including JVP. Their not so secret agenda has nothing to do with Jewish voices and definitely nothing to do with peace.

Jackie Bruckman

February 19, 2024

About the Author
Jackie (Jack) Bruckman is a Queer Singer/Songwriter and Performer performing under the pseudonym Jackie Strano. Strano has founded a new doom metal project called The Queer Elder. A longtime activist who has spent decades in Progressive and LGBTQ Politics as well as educating about equal rights, sex positive feminism, and community empowerment. They visited Israel in 2017 as a Mission Leader with A Wider Bridge and visited Israel and the West Bank. They support a two state solution free of terrorists.
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