Aaron T. Walter
Aaron T. Walter

New antisemitism is REAL and scary

My blogging efforts have been dormant.

It is a fact that I in the coming weeks and months shall rectify.

With that being said, I offer a new post.

After recently conducting research at Oxford University, I was struck by the continued antisemitism problem that the Labour party in the United Kingdom has over its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. From past to current public comments and displays of overt support for terror groups such as Hamas, the Left in the U.K. has an antisemitism problem.

Of course, it is not only Corbyn and the Left. On the European mainland, the rise again of fascism under the guise of populist parties and individual politicians on the Right is beyond worrisome. It is not only the vandalism of Jewish graves, or physical attacks upon Jews. It is not only the BDS movement. There is a cultural component too that has not been discussed in depth in the editorial pages. It is a purposeful link of antizionism to being anti-Israel that allows the flourishing of contemporary antisemitism. It is a purposeful delegitimization of Jews as well as a country.

It is scary that this contemporary new antisemitism is tolerated because it is accepted for its hideous truth. This denial itself is shocking, but what is much worse is the realization that it is indifference.

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Dr. Aaron Walter teaches International Relations. He writes on American foreign policy towards Israel. In addition to topics directly related to U.S.-Israeli politics, he has written on the presidency and security studies as linked to U.S., Europe, and Israeli studies
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