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New Exodus and the Path of the Divine Rainbow – I

Jacob’s ladder is the Path to the Highest Divine World. The difference between Jacob’s ladder and the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path is connected with the essence of our epoch – the Rainbow Path not only leads to the Highest Divine World, but helps us to bring this Divine reality down on Earth. On the other hand, the Fourth Step of the Rainbow Path, The Heavenly Jerusalem, now is presented as the Kingdom of God with many mansions, which are the spiritual worlds of the world religions. Source: File:JacobsLaddertoHeaven.jpg

The Light of the Integral Messiah will come to lead the New Exodus of representatives of all world religions to the Heavenly Jerusalem. In it the Tree of Life will ‘blossom’ and the New Adam and the New Eve will appreciate its wonderful fruits in all worlds.

In many spiritual traditions, there are already inspiring insights into the essence of this new cosmic cycle which will evolve into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth inhabited by the enlightened New Humankind. Therefore, in accordance with the return of the Divine energies to the CREATOR, the vibrations of the earthly world intensify and humankind has to prepare for transformation and spiritualization. In this respect, the Pandemic and other disturbances in the world could be compared to Moses’ biblical challenge to Pharaoh for the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. As Pharaoh did not keep his promises, the plagues came one after another. Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus pandemic and existing wars are one of the “plagues” for the spiritual awakening of humanity.

Here I would like to refer to the deeply symbolic meaning of the ten plagues caused to the Pharaoh and Egypt interpreted by the great Kabbalist, Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in his book Kabbalah and Exodus (published by Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1988)! According to Halevi, the Pharaoh is a symbol of the earthly, material world and human psyche, which must be confronted in order to allow the passage into the higher spiritual worlds. Accordingly, the ten plagues correspond to the negative qualities of the Sefiroth on the Kabbalistic Tree. The earthly human psyche resists spiritual elevation, and only through the plagues, coming one after another, it gradually yields to Moses’ demands for the Exodus to the Promised Land (symbol of the higher spiritual worlds). After every plague, the Pharaoh promised to liberate the Jewish people, but then denies it: This is a familiar situation in time of great stress when the body will promise anything to survive. When the plagues were removed Pharaoh again reverted to his former attitudes, as people often do after a crisis. (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, Kabbalah and Exodus, p. 73)

Obviously, the Coronavirus pandemic and the turbulences in the world are challenges that aims to shake us up, to make us aware of the present dangerous situation on Earth, to overcome the crisis and not to revert to our previous way of life, as if nothing had happened. Whatever is the cause of these turbulences, no matter how adequate is the response of the world governments and international organizations, they are great precedents in humanity’s life. From a spiritual point of view, this implies that we need to develop another type of relationship, another way of life, much better use of the Earth’s resources, etc. It would be great if we could overcome the alienation between people, replace the anonymous mass media communication with live personal communication, make the transition from ultimate ego-centric goals to Life for the Whole and love for our neighbours. From this painful situation in the world, we must draw deep lessons and experiences in order to prepare ourselves for an Exodus from the egotistic material consciousness, influenced by the dark Luciferic, Ahriman and Antichrist energies, to the higher spiritual worlds.(please, see the Post Election in Israel and Preparing for the New Exodus from 01/11/2022.)

The path of ascension to the higher spiritual worlds could be figuratively called The Divine Rainbow Path. As Moses led the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land, now all humanity must begin its ascension, world after world, to the Kingdom of God, where eternal Peace, Love, Freedom, Wisdom and Truth reign. In accordance with the vertical structure of Creation, we must first enter into the world of the Garden of Paradise, and then reach the higher spiritual world of the Heavenly Jerusalem. There, in this reality, with a New Heaven and a New Earth, humankind will continue its new cosmic cycle of evolution.

The Divine Rainbow Path is not only an inspiring poetic image but a well-articulated and precise spiritual Path bringing humankind back to the higher worlds and establishing the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem here on Earth. We could imagine the Path of the Divine Rainbow as a great arc consisting of nine segments and call it The Nine-Fold Rainbow Path.. Together these segments included the whole spiritual journey of humankind up to the heavenly worlds and back to the New Reality. Each one of them is a big Step on the Path of the Divine Rainbow and covers a very large field of spiritual work.

The journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path begins with building the Right Understanding, creating an appropriate style of life and making our Exodus from the restricted material consciousness (Step One, Exodus). Obviously, in order to embark on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path, we must overcome our egocentrism, neutralize the negative Lucifer, Ahriman and Antichrist energies and begin to live for the Whole of Life (please, see the Post Election in Israel and preparing for the New Exodus from 01/11/2022).

The Second Step, an entry into the Garden of Paradise, is an ascent to the second world of the three-fold structure of Creation (i.e. to the celestial world), and spiritual rebirth as celestial souls. The heavenly, angelic world is woven by celestial colour rays of light, spiritual music, sacred words and inhabited by myriads of light beings. This world corresponds to the world of formation ‘inhabited by angels, genii and souls, with seven heavens’ in Judaism, to the astral cosmos in Hinduism, the world of subtle forms in Buddhism, the celestial world with seven heavens in Christianity, and the world of angelic and spiritual forms, malakut, in Islam. The entry into this heavenly world requires awakening and blossoming of the human soul (Neshamah). People with awakened souls are present in all world religions and they form the esoteric spiritual community in each one of them.

The Third Step, The Sacred Mountain, leads to the highest Divine world of the three-fold structure of Creation and to the spiritual centre of the Universe. From there we can experience the mystery of Creation and embrace its whole vertical structure. This Step brings our second rebirth – the complete awakening of our Divine Self (Chayah). From this highest point, at the Centre of the Universe, we can contemplate the whole of Creation but only from the point of view of one or another spiritual tradition. The Highest Divine world is the world of creation, filled with the Divine immanent presence alone in Judaism, the causal cosmos in Hinduism, the world without forms in Buddhism, the world around the Throne of God in Christianity, and the world of His dominion, jabarut, in Islam. Reaching this highest Divine world requires awakening of the Higher Self and receiving Enlightenment. These people are the Initiates in all world religions who form the mystical core in each one of them.

However, in order to contemplate all “rooms in the Father’s House” – i.e., the great variety of spiritual worlds revealed by the world religions, we must enter into the Heavenly Jerusalem with its Twelve Gates and the Tree of Life, which bears fruit twelve times a year, and its leaves are for the healing of the nations. This is the Fourth Step, The Holy City, The Heavenly Jerusalem, which describes the Heavenly Jerusalem as a majestic cosmic-spiritual Zodiac-Mandala (please, see the  Post Heavenly Jerusalem as a Majestic Zodiac-Mandala from 05/12/2022).

Each of the twelve gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem leads to a majestic unique Divine Temple of a certain world religion. Each Temple encompasses the entire vertical structure of Creation with its three worlds – the Earthly, Heavenly and Divine worlds (from its point of view), reaching the Absolute Origin of Being. The Teachers, Founders of the religions and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine connected with them, keep the gates of the Temples in the Heavenly Jerusalem always open, so that millions of people can enter and receive their initiations. In the next publication I will continue listing the Steps of the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path, but now I would like to refer to the inspiring visions from the Holy Scriptures about the coming new reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem, with a New Heaven and a New Earth where humankind will continue its evolution (please, see the Post, The New Reality and Celestial State on Earth from 21/12/2022).

Therefore, our Exodus to the Heavenly Jerusalem is not only a solution to the burning problems of humankind, including the Coronavirus pandemic, and the existing wars, but salvation, transfiguration and spiritual immortality! So, Be It! Amen!

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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