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New Holocaust on the Streets of London

Some people argue that anti-Semitism is not related to terrorism while in reality, there are many such incidents that are related to terrorism. We need to understand how anti-Semitism relates to the menace of terrorism? The word terrorism means to create fear and anxiety within the victim community by terrorising utilizing all means. An attack on a victim’s house seeking to achieve political benefits is an act of terrorism too and in this attack, if a suspect damages a person or property, so his wanton act of violence comes under the definition of terrorism.

If someone attacks a person because his race or religion, this is considered a hate crime but if the attacker’s intention is to obtain political dividends from the wanton act of violence, the hate crime also falls under the definition of terrorism. Those people who argue that anti-Semitism has no direct relation with terrorism are wrong according the above definition of terrorism and hate crimes. In recent history, there has been many events that highlighted the core definition of terrorism, even though the attack was racially or religiously motivated.

There are two major terrorism events when attackers directly targeted Jews in order to achieve their political aims: The Mumbai terror attack upon a Chabad house in 2008 and the Hyper Cacher terror attack within Paris in 2015. In these two terror attacks, terrorists targeted the Jewish community and somehow, they succeeded in their goal of killing Jewish people. Let me present a very clear picture, which gained the media’s attention. Though it was a hate crime, I see it as falling under the definition of terrorism because the people who committed this act were motivated with the intention of creating fear and terror in a target community. However, it wasn’t proof anyways for the police did not catch the offenders due to some political reasons which I do not want to raise here.

After the Gaza war in 2014, the Jewish community all around the world especially in the UK was targeted by extremists. Some cases were highlighted in the media and many disappeared as usual but the Police tried hard to bring the offenders to justice. One of the cases was about 52-year-old Mr. Yisro’el Shalom, who brought his case to me. Mr. Shalom had been living in the Borough of Newham in East London for nearly 22 years and in the last three years.

He was attacked 340 times and verbally abused nearly 60 times. He was physically tortured, kicked and punched in his face by a gang of Asians (most probably Pakistanis) because he was a Jew living within the Muslim community.

Mr. Shalom revealed to me that those Asian men when they attacked him shouted:

“’Kill the Jew.”  They also called him “an insult to Allah” and accused him of “invading our land.” They told him: “You will die soon for invading our land.”

His story is so frightening and painful that it caused me to have insomnia. I was feeling so embarrassed that members of my faith and my fellow countrymen committed this crime against humanity. These people are a disgrace to our religion and our community. The London Borough of Newham has become the centre of racism and extremism, where some elements create fear within the community.

Mr. Shalom is a very brave man, who fought for many years and did not vacate his house or leave his area (East London) where he lived most of his life while continuing to preach his faith in the Jewish community. According to the Daily Mail newspaper: “East London became home to thousands of Jewish refugees in the lead-up to the Russian Revolution, as they fled persecution on the continent. Many of those fleeing Hitler’s Germany then settled in the area, which is now home to a number of Jewish cemeteries.”

Mr. Shalom experienced more than 340 anti-Semitic and hate crimes during the last five years but he did not compromise on his religious principles. He suffered heavily but remained firm and prudent. He continued his painful life in the area. His house in Plaistow had a swastika sprayed on it with the words “Die Die” written on his house windows.  Mr. Shalom never went out on the streets because he needed to be in the house all the time. All his doors and windows were double-locked and he spent four months ordering food online and just walking from room to room.

Between March 2010 and March 2013, Mr. Shalom said:

He faced a series of incidents in public places more than 42 times. He was verbally assaulted on the streets at least 65 times.

His story was published in major British newspapers. Mr. Shalom left the area in May 2016. When he demanded that the police department arrest the gangs who attacked him, the Police response was as follows: “What does he expect them to do about it?”

In a meeting with Mr. Shalom, a senior level Met police officer provided him with a justification not to take action against those gangs. He stated to him:

“The Police does not want to arrest anti-Semitic people (Asian Muslims) because there will be riots all over the borough in protest of such arrests and the police is not prepared to control the riots.”

His painful journey in an area of Newham for 22 years has now come to an end and he moved the Jewish area in North London after he was gang raped by 8 Asian males in Newham because he was not leaving the area.

This story he did not mention in the newspaper due to the fear that it would harm his dignity and bring about shame but finally, he agreed that I will publish his story. As he continued his story, he further claimed that he’s been gang raped by 8 men for 5 hours. As they did this, they pushed 12 of his teeth into his mouth. The gang rape alone caused his bowel to collapse alongside extremely heavy bruising and due to the aggressive way this happened, he was rushed to the hospital after they gave him a cocktail full of drugs designed to kill him. It was administered into his system through injection and was infected with a deadly virus. Years of mind-numbing terror has caused Mr. Shalom to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

He is now very ill as a result of these attacks.  He has C-PTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & PLMS periodic limb movement syndrome. He is highly medicated because it is an aggressive form of PTSD! He is on 9 different medications to attempt to counter the components of the disorder that includes anxiety attacks, nightmares, OCD, and re-visitation of traumatic events. To his great sorrow, none of the symptoms are subsiding. If anything, he is succumbing to the disorder.

The Newham MPs and Mayor Sir Robin Wales who were anti-Semitic did not help him at all because they did not intend to lose Muslim votes and the police was also scared of the rising tension of the Muslim community if they made any arrest regarding this sheer act of terror.

He needed to move to a Jewish area because Newham is a borough run by a Nazi and anti-Semitic mayor who mocks victims of Anti-Semitism in public.

Mr. Shalom has contacted the Israeli Embassy in London and requested to be moved to Israel according to the Aliyah law of the state of Israel. However, because he is affected by the PTSD, the Embassy cannot help him until this medial matter is resolved. Mr. Shalom personally requested that I help him move to Israel because according to him, I have become a big influence upon the Israeli government. I have promised him that I will tell his story to Israeli officials by writing his story in an Israeli newspaper.

Mr. Shalom still believes that Islam is a peaceful religion and most Muslims are very loving and respectable citizens of the UK

but he is very disappointed with what happened to him recently and is very upset to see the new generation of Muslims following in the footsteps of Hitler and adapting the ideology of the Nazis, which will bring about a darker political side to the peaceful religion of Islam. On the day of the Muslim festival of Eid, Mr. Shalom arranged a small party and invited local Muslims to come to his home in North London in order to respect their religious day and he presented them with food, cold drinks and dates. He knows the values of Islam and the deep connection of the Muslim community with their religion.

A few days ago, when I contacted Mr/ Shalom, he informed me that he has refused to take his medicines because it is very painful for him to spend his life on such pills.

He wants to see his holy home (Israel) for the last time before dying because he does not want to die in the UK.

I am very much speechless and have no words to express what recently happened to the respectable Mr. Y’isro’el Shalom. I am completely devastated about this whole story and think constantly about what I would do if this happened to me! I would have left my trust in God. I will not say anything to my people because they are adults and can read this story precisely but I hold right to ask few questions at least.

I ask my fellow Muslims, especially the Pakistani community, can you justify this act of anti-Semitic/terrorism according to a religious point of view? What would you do if that case happened to your own by a Jew? What should Mr. Shalom think about your religion and about your community? If you keep engaging in shocking acts of anti-Semitism, you have no right to shed tears regarding Islamophobia.

About the Author
Mr. Noor Dahri is the Founder and Executive Director of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism- ITCT, a UK based Counter Islamist Terrorism Think Tank. Noor was born and raised in Pakistan. Noor Dahri has also worked with the London Police department for the last seven years. He has studied Forensics and Criminal Psychology from Oxford – UK and Counter Terrorism from International Institute for Counter Terrorism ICT- Israel. He is an author of "Terra Nullius: The Rebirth of a Land Without Peace"
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