New Israeli start-up tackles the mosquito pandemic

Bzigo Device in Action (used with permission)

Mosquitos are objectively irritating. With their constant wailing and perpetual hunger, we
humans are left awake for hours at night and itchy red blotches on our skin. In addition to
this, mosquitoes can carry life-threatening diseases such as malaria.

Using his revolutionary algorithm, CEO Nadav Benedek found a solution to the worldwide
mosquito pandemic. Benedek’s start-up, Bzigo, has developed a device that uses an
algorithm to detect the exact location of a mosquito, even in the dark, by continually
scanning a room. The device uses a red laser to identify the mosquito and then proceeds to
notify the individual through an app.

Sophia Nikolayev, product manager at Bzigo, added that the mosquito is identified “whether
it is moving or motionless” and therefore Bzigo is incomparable to other mosquito repelling
techniques. Benedek has reshaped technology by inventing a device that is non-harmful,
unlike other methods of eliminating mosquitoes.

The device “does not kill” the mosquito, Sophia explains, it “solves 90% of the problem” by
identifying and notifying its location. Therefore, when a mosquito is busily buzzing, the Bzigo device is our new forward thinker as it can be caught before chaos and harm occurs. After the app alerts the individual, they can take action and kill the mosquito, ridding of the
nuisance mosquitoes bring.

This start-up has been in the works since 2016 with Benedek and his team perfecting the
algorithm to ensure proficiency. The device has been met with a “positive reception” Sophia
confidently added. Investors offered soaring funds, thus highlighting their faith in this
pioneering technology.

This stand-out device will hit the market later this year, priced at a reasonable $199 however
can be reserved for $9 at this moment. There is availability for worldwide shipping.
Start-ups are bound to face challenges, but with Coronavirus and therefore limitations on
international production and a decrease in employment, the company has encountered
“extra difficult” obstacles, the product manager stressed. She also maintained that there
were “lots of regulations” that needed to be checked and Bzigo did not want to launch their
device if “they are not ready”.

As the CEO’S co-worker, Sophia brought attention to Benedek’s commitment to this start-up
as it is “his baby”. With his previous experience in computer engineering and drive for
success, Bzigo was always “his vision”.

With the device in its “final stages of testing and manufacturing”, Sophia reported, the time is
approaching for a mosquito- free nights sleep.

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