New Year New Deal

As President Trump takes his first UN General Assembly all eyes are on him. With recent decisions that he has made of the Iran deal, most people are unsure as to what will be said during his speech. However, President Trump will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss peace in the middle east and the current Iran deal. Iran has always been an issue to Israel with the constant threat of nuclear weapons. Since the beginning of the State of Israel, Iran and many other Arab countries have thought that Israel belongs to the Palestinians. Iran has become one of the biggest threats to Israel since the beginning of this conflict. During the upcoming week, President Trump will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and this will hopefully allow for the prospect of peace between the Arabs and Jews.

As one may know, Iran has been a major threat to Israel for a long time. Since the revolution that occurred in 1979, Iran has tried to build a nuclear weapon. There are three main reasons as to why Iran is a major threat to Israel: nuclear weapon development, it is the largest state that funds terror, and their desire to control the Middle East and North Africa. Under the Presidency of President Barack Obama, a deal was made between the U.S. and Iran. Iran would reduce its nuclear facilities and accept the additional protocols and the U.S. would lift economic sanctions related to nuclear weapons. This deal has become a major threat to Israel as the U.S. have caught the Iranians going against the additional laws made multiple times.

During the meeting that President Trump will have with Prime Minister Netanyahu they will talk about the deal and the effects it is having on Israel. Especially after headlines were made President Trump is trying to toughen up the deal and potentially end it.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman are both in agreement that the United States should withdraw from this deal as it would be the best for Israel. This might delay Iran from making their nuclear weapon, however, it does not stop them. The UN, who is overseeing the deal needs to be stricter with Iran and have more frequent check-ins. This is extremely important and if they don’t then Iran can be creating a nuclear weapon that is big enough to wipe out Israel from the map.

The Arab nations have tried to take over Israel from the beginning of its creation. The Arabs believe that it is their land and that the Jews took it from them. The Palestinian narrative has caused major fights between the Jews and the Arabs because of the two different notions each country holds. Israel still believes and has the right to believe, that it is their land. In 1948, the Jews claim Israel has their home and started to rebuild this land. The Arabs have their own narrative for that event as they call it the Nakba. The Arabs believe that the land of Israel was theirs from before and the Jewish people violently exiled them the day they declared the State of Israel.

Many hope that during President Trump’s meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu a plan will be created in order to stop nuclear Iran. The Arab countries have constantly targeted Israel in the pursuit of taking over the country.

It is the responsibility of the Jewish people to advocate for the State of Israel and go against anything that can harm it. Jews across the United States have been lobbying to their congressmen to stop the deals that are going against Israel.

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