Night time in the Shuk

The chance to turn a mistake into an advantage does not happen often. Showing up on the night after a special one-time event is really not a good idea. But as long as I was on Jaffa Road near Machane Yehudah Market anyway, I decided to wander through the shuk and see what was happening on Tu Bishvat. The fifteenth day of the Hebrew month of Shevat is a special holiday in Israel, the New Year for trees.

image street installation

Across from the shuk on Jaffa Road, Varda, the street installation, has a very different look in the dark.

street musician

This street entertainer was a head turner with his music and large puppets.

image buskier wtih puppets

People stopped to watch and video his only-in-Israel performance.

In the lanes of the market, people were out shopping and eating. The darkness of the night does not keep people off the Jerusalem, Israel, streets nor out of the shuk.

image MachneYehuda at night

Always full of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, the market displays were plentiful in spite of this being shmita, the sabbatical year, when planting is prohibited in Israel.

image shuk at night

Israelis are known for talking on cell phones. Shopping at night while using cell phone is great multi-tasking. The election sticker on sack is sure sign of coming elections.

image Machne Yehudah market

These are dried rose buds, next to all types of unusual dried herbs: you never know what you will find in the shuk.

Though I am sorry I missed the Winter Noise of Monday night opening, happily I found a perfect place to celebrate the wonders of Tu Bishvat.

The rest of the world may still eat old dried carob to celebrate, but in Israel one can truly appreciate the beginning of the agricultural year and be amazed at how in so short a time the desert has bloomed and savor its produce.

Happy Tu Bishvat!

PS. Winter Noise is every Monday night in February in shuk, so there is always a chance to go next week.

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Tired of only seeing negatives images of Jerusalem in the media, I started taking pictures of what is really happening, to show the world the real Jerusalem streets..
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