Jon Taub

No Big Deal

It’s time to put an end to several charades at once.

This is what Trump’s “Ultimate Deal” should look like:

Part I:  In envisioning a future ostensible Palestinian entity, the West Bank and Gaza should be forever sundered from each other as surely as Pakistan and Bangladesh have been sundered.  An accident of geography should not be made to be Israel’s problem.  Furthermore, while open Judeophobia remains salient Palestinian national policy, not only should no access be granted between the territories across Israel, but Israel should consider sealing the West Bank border as they have sealed the one along Gaza.

Part II:  A two-state solution should be unilaterally declared as having been implemented: said second “state” is to be solely located in the Gaza Strip.  The locals can call it whatever they want.  Even most of the settler-supporting public aside from Manhigut Yehudit should have no problem with this.  And said Gazan “state” should be simultaneously:

  • be deemed to be in open aggressive war with Israel;
  • be deemed a Nuremberg-level criminal conspiracy, certainly as long as Hamas is in power;
  • listed on every international terrorist and terrorist-supporting registry, despite the machinations of the EU.

(In fact, as long as Hezbollah has seats in Lebanon’s parliament, that state should also be Nuremberged.  Iran need not even be mentioned.)

The Israelis should never have to physically reoccupy the Strip, but they should have cart-blanche to blockade and carpet bomb it into abject submission, which would likely necessitate an uprising that throws Hamas out of power.  (It happened in Egypt, twice in two years; it might have happened in Iran if not for Obamanian machinations.)

Part III: Jordan should be forced to take back the parts of the West Bank that Israel wouldn’t deign to enclose with the security barrier.  The world will not care if Jordan implements “apartheid” against its Palestinian majority; let the Jordanians deal with a Palestinian Authority, who might be as deferential to the King as Hamas is to the Egyptians who flood their tunnels with sewage (“they are our brothers”).  Jordan should be reminded that Israel took the territories from them as the result of a defensive action; in fact, Jordan has even less claim to “pre-emption”/“aggression” as Egypt and Syria might, because the Israeli incursion into the territories only occurred when Jordan attacked first.  The President should remind the Jordanians of THEIR historical responsibility toward the Palestinians, inasmuch as Jordan tries to foist said responsibility on Israel.  (Failing that, the Hashemite kingdom should be reminded of its Peninsular—and therefore undeniably colonialist—origins.)

Part IV:  While history lessons are being dispensed, the world should be reminded that the PLO was midwifed by the Soviets in 1964 as way to supplant the Jewish State on the other side of the not-yet-Green-Line, and that said vision has never been abandoned, as evidenced by Mahmoud Abbas’ most recent rants.  President Trump should convince the Palestinians and their supporters—particularly a State Department that has been Judeophobic and anti-Zionist since 1917, when SOS Robert Lansing was appalled that Jesus’ birthplace would be turned over to Jews—that the one thing they want, and might get if they behave, is eventual freedom from Jewish dominion in the Gaza Strip and possibly parts of the West Bank.   (The President certainly should enjoy painfully twisting the arms of his State Department.)

Once upon a time (c. 1988), Thomas Friedman wrote that the Palestinians should be forced to choose between a state and an army: “if it’s an army you want, you already have one”.  Thirty years on, Oslo and the disengagement have given both, and the behavior of the population of a now Judenrein Gaza Strip has proven that ostensible national aims and needs are trumped by the Judeocidal imperative, much like the WWII Germans’ diversion of crucial resources from the front to accelerate the Holocaust.   A population who cannot bear to be governed by Jews—let alone a Jewish entity—should have its choices for escape from same severely limited, and said choices certainly should not give credence to their theofascist-driven doctrinaire Judeophobia.   Even by the most generous Wilsonian notions of self-determination, they deserve no more, and have in fact proven by their ongoing criminality to deserve much less.

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Jon Taub is an ex-Upper West Sider, now-married Riverdalean who has two MA's, plays three instruments, and consults for biostartups.
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