Henry Wilson

No Ceasefire Until Hostages Released

From a standpoint of negotiation, the second most sacred bargaining chip in existence was offered to the Palestinians by Israel. Yes, in 2000, Ehud Barak offered the atrocious Yasser Arafat the Temple Mount and the vast majority of territory in Old Jerusalem.

Despite this generous concession, and many other honest overtures, the Palestinians refused to embrace peace over the course of time. In addition to the 2000 peace talks, the Palestinians were offered the creation of a state in 1936, 1947, 1967, and 2008. Every time, they folded to their most extreme elements, most notably when they discarded any democratic impulse they may have possessed and swept Hamas into authority in 2007. These Islamic fascists cower behind a tool of leverage even more intense than the shared holy site by all three monotheisms; in fact, it is the most powerful form of advantage in political mediation known to history: human lives.

Hundreds of hostages from Israel, the United States, and around the world are being held by these Jihadists, thereby preventing the progress of a two-state solution. And what does the world demand? A ceasefire. Only would the decadent democracies of the contemporary West demand an end to hostilities and a pause to Israel’s noble Operation Iron Swords against these bloodthirsty savages of Hamas after the genocide exacted upon the Jews on October 7, 2023. Until every hostage is returned, by Hamas, Israel will not relent.

When Nazi Germany murdered six million innocent Jews, in the Holocaust, it was not Roosevelt or the genocidal Stalin who dropped bombs over Germany resulting in the death of six million Germans; instead, it was Winston Churchill, who predicted the rise and results of Adolf Hitler. During, and after, World War II, there was no discussion of granting the enemy mercy. The only concern was the survival of free society and revenge for true genocide. Churchill is the greatest statesman to ever live. Today, Churchill is called a war criminal by the cultural Marxists, depraved Democrats, Labour loyalists, and other communist movements. These weak capitulators say that we are the foes of liberty and independence. In the 1940s, there was talk of punishment to the dictatorial enemies of democracy. Now, there is only conversation concerning proportionality. In other words, a definite pause, or slow-motion surrender.

May we have the wisdom to understand the past and the intestinal fortitude to seize the future. My fellow Americans and citizens of the West, if we are to win our present war against the China-Russia-Islamic Fundamentalist Axis of Evil, we must only harbor buoyant spirits and focused thoughts of absolute triumph over tyranny. No ceasefire, only victory.

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A political communications professional based in Washington, D.C. Henry Wilson is a proud American Jew & proponent of immediate mobilization against the forces of evil.
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