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No, it don’t make sense…

“No, it don’t make sense”

This line from the musical “Parade” has been in my head since last weekend. Those awful images replay in my mind.

No, it don’t make sense…

I converted to Judaism seven years ago. I never experienced Antisemitism towards me before then. I had seen it used against friends and knew how despicable it is. Since I converted, I have heard the comments more and more. “Do Jews really drink the blood of infants?” ‘Why do Jews control the media/banks/world?”

No, it don’t make sense…

Six million plus beautiful Jewish souls were murdered in the Holocaust because the Nazis had such an enormous hate of Jews.

No, it don’t make sense..

In 1915, Leo Frank-the subject of the musical “Parade” was lynched after being wrongly convicted of murder. His trial was full of Antisemitism.

No, it don’t make sense..

1300+ Israelis so far have died due to Hamas.

Since I heard about the attacks, I have sobbed multiple times a day. I think of their families and friends. I think of their hopes and dreams. I mourn them. I pray for Israel. I pray for Jewish people across the world who are in mourning.

Near the end of “Parade”, the character of Leo Frank, played by Ben Platt-who is Jewish– sings these words:

Sh’ma Yisreal, Adonai elohainu, Adonai echoed Baruch sheym k’vod malchuso l’olam va-ed

No it don’t make sense…

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