No more Jewish Holidays …. The Iranian threat


We don’t need any more Jewish holidays.

Every generation someone rises up to try and destroy us. Most of our holidays are, they tried to kill us, we stopped them, let’s eat. We commemorate our leaving Egypt with a festive dinner. We drink ourselves silly so that we can’t tell the difference between Haman and Mordechai. We wait in silence while the sirens wail for the six million. In all of those situations and many more they tried to kill us. They tried to convert us out of existence. They killed our families they broke our hearts, but they were never able to fully succeed.

This time it may be different. For the first time in history evil has arisen to destroy us with one flash of a nuclear weapon.

While the world fiddles Iran inches ever closer to having that capability. Yes ISIS is an issue, Ebola is scary, and the President of the United States is going through a middle age crisis, however none of these events have the potential to negativity impact the world as much as having a terrorist nation ( Iran) acquire the capabilities in which to threaten, and or destroy the world. For the first time there is a nation potentially with the means to accomplish what no other has accomplished, the real final solution to Jews, the west and Israel.

Why aren’t our community leaders, the Rabbinate and everyone else standing up and screaming about this? Why aren’t we screaming, wearing t shirts that say “Save the Jews”. Haven’t we learned from history? When one is developing nuclear weapons and then threatens another country they mean it. How many people have you heard over the years say that if they could have stopped the holocaust they would have? What does it take to wake us up?

A country that is sitting on one of the world’s largest deposits of oil is building a nuclear capability, for what? To make the world’s largest microwave oven? They have directly threatened Israel, with annihilation. Former President Rafsanjani is quoted as saying a couple of years ago that it would take only one nuclear weapon to destroy Israel.

Iran doesn’t have to fire a single weapon at Israel to destroy or hurt it. The threat of that weapon is enough to keep this regime in power indefinitely. The threat of a weapon against Israel increases the potential for a land war with dire results. Israel will not ever be able to retaliate or threaten retaliation if chemical weapons, massive amounts of missiles rain down on her.

Also how long will Israel thrive as a nation with this threat hanging over her?

One strategically placed weapon near Tel Aviv would vaporize millions of Jews; destroy the heartland, and Israel’s industrial and economic capacity. Just one.

This is no joke. And if you think that this is “over there” and that we don’t’ have to worry about it as Americans, and as Jews think again.

Hassan Nasrallah the head of Hezbollah in Lebanon (an Iranian proxy), has said that he wants all the Jews to go to Israel so that it would be easier to kill them at once. He said JEWS, not Israelis. He didn’t’ talk about settlements. He didn’t’ talk about the Palestinian problem. He spoke about Jews.

With Iran’s nuclear capability, and North Koreas missile technology, Iran can threaten Europe and the United States. Don’t think of it as just trying to blow up our cities.

Iran can explode one missile over the United States and cause an EMP burst , or electromagnetic pulse. This would essentially flip the switch off for the United States. It would cripple the energy grid and send us back to the Stone Age.
This is not science fiction. Iran is a terrorist radical state. Many in Iran believe that the 12th Imam is going to jump out of a well and begin Armageddon.

Iran is a fascist state lead by a small group of very radical religious figures. Its people are young, and pro-western, but its government is controlled by the religious elite.

Korea is using its burgeoning nuclear capacity to blackmail the west for economic reasons. Iran is doing this for religious reasons. There is a big difference. Anybody who thinks that we can have the equivalent of MAD or mutually assured destruction with the Iranians like we had with the Russians is dreaming. This is the doctrine of one side shoots offensive missiles the other side retaliates, and you are both dead. The theory is that neither would risk this because they may be mutually destroyed. The Russians were the evil empire as Ronald Reagan put it but they didn’t’ want to die. The Iranians would sacrifice millions for their cause as long as some are left. They sent waves of millions of young Iranians to their death against Iraq. How do you deal rationally with a regime that believes that suicide rewards you with 72 virgins and Paradise?

We see that this administration doesn’t take the Iranian threat seriously. The senior member of the Obama administrations “ chickenshit” remark regarding Bibi Netanyahu speaks volumes. IT is hard to imagine a senior administration official who is obviously close to the President bragging that on one hand this administration stopped Israel from taking care of this problem militarily while on the other hand calling the leader of Israel “chickenshit” for not attacking Iran.

There are reports that the Obama administration is offering a sort of a “don’t ask don’t’ blow up” resolution to this crisis. Iran gets the bomb but doesn’t’ assemble it. The key here is that they will be allowed to enrich their Uranium. Everyone knows that Iran already has the technology for the bomb from the AQ Kahn Network. Iran has been working with North Korea on the third most important thing, the delivery system. This is a “lawyerly” form of appeasement. If Iran doesn’t test and state publicly that they have them we will turn a blind eye .. They will be what is called a “threshold” nuclear state. If you notice that diplomats say things like if Iran makes the decision to go nuclear, or Iran hasn’t made the decision yet to go nuclear. All that means is that they have not assembled a bomb (that we know of) and aimed it. Iran long ago made the decision to become a nuclear power. They have spent billions almost bankrupting their country to accomplish this. What else would you build a heavy water plant for ?

Israel has a doctrine called “ amimut” which means that Israel is purposely ambiguous when it comes to confirming that they have nukes. Everyone assumes that Israel has them but Israel’s position is to deny it. There are many good reasons for that.

This administration supports amimut when it comes to Iran becoming a nuclear threshold power.
Iran is not Israel. The most important fact that one should consider is the fact that its Arab neighbors including Saudi Arabia have known for years about Israel’s weapons however they have never spoke about going nuclear themselves until recently during Iran’s drive for the bomb. The reason is simple, nobody perceives Israel as a threat to them while they consider Iran to be an existential threat to their own countries.

November 24th is the second in a yet another deadline (or red line) to finish the negotiations with Iran. John Kerry is feverishly working on his Nobel peace prize for his mantle while the Iranians are doing their best at stalling while they keep on spinning their centrifuges.

President Obama acts like an obsessed lover who doesn’t give up when he or she is spurned. Every move for peaceful coexistence by Obama is met with derision, threats, and embarrassment, yet President Obama continues on.

Iran getting a Nuclear weapon is not like Canada or England having them. This is a regime that values death over life. They sent millions of Iranians to their death against Iraq in human waves. They have threatened Israel, a country that is thousands of miles away shares no border with them and has no argument with the Persian people.

It is time that we as Americans, and as Jews make this our number one priority. We should be organizing our communities for letter writing campaigns. We need to encourage the new Congress to push to reestablish the sanctions that were working. We need to educate everyone on what is happening. It should be front and center. We cannot preach tikkun olam (repairing the world) and yet do nothing about the number one threat to us as a nation, and to the world. There has to be a world for us to repair.
We need to be able to tell our children and future generations that we did everything that we could to prevent the next holocaust. Iran a nation that has proven themselves to be unworthy to join the civilized world CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

If our community, our leadership, the Rabbinate, our country, doesn’t’ wake up we will be celebrating a new holiday years from now with the small Jewish community left somewhere in the new (albeit a lot less inhabitable), world. It would be called the “Shiite Shoah”, after the cinders that Iran made of Israel, and the retaliatory attack that Israel most assuredly would have made against them.

Please we don’t’ need any more holidays, no more mourning, no more candles. We need to wake up before it is too late.

Iran cannot be allowed to become a threshold nuclear power or a nuclear power.

No Iranian Nukes during our watch.

Larry Levine

About the Author
Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.
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