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No Place for Hate or Antisemitism in Beverly Hills

Craig Corman, a candidate for City Council; Beverly Hills , CA, Picture: Times of Israel / free for any platforms

Residing amidst the verdant elegance of Beverly Hills, I, as an author, find rare pleasure in the company of the town’s luminary souls. It is within this enclave of splendor that I occasionally cross paths with individuals whose very essence defines the zenith of influence and renown. Among these paragons of authenticity and distinction stands Craig Corman, a beacon of venerable reputation whose contributions and presence imbue Beverly Hills with its unique luster.

In the gilded embrace of Beverly Hills, where the sun perennially dances off the manicured hedges and the streets whisper tales of the stars, I found myself engaged in an intellectual conversation that transcended the ordinary.

It was with Craig Corman, a candidate for City Council, whose presence radiates the wisdom of a lifetime spent within these storied bounds. His candidacy is not merely a pursuit of office but a testament to the enduring spirit of a community poised on the cusp of tomorrow.

In a moment of jest, I remarked that his discourse bore a striking resemblance to the sages of Liberalism, as though he had leaped from the pages of a treatise penned by the eminent English philosopher John Locke, or perhaps found his thoughts in concert with the likes of Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Montesquieu. Yet, this playful observation belied a deeper truth; in his presence, I perceived the echo of an Enlightenment-era pedagogue, a luminary and advocate for economic prosperity unbound.

Craig Corman, with his 50-year tenure as a resident, embodies the very essence of Beverly Hills – a fusion of tradition and foresight. His proposals, from enhancing public safety to fostering environmental sustainability, are not just policies but pledges to the heart of our city. His vision for infrastructure, government efficiency, and support for local schools is both a homage and a beacon to what Beverly Hills represents and can aspire to be.

In an era where the digital shadows loom large over the pages of books, his commitment to the revival of local bookstores is a clarion call to the soul of the community. It reminds us that amidst the allure of the digital age, the tactile joy of a book, the quiet sanctuary of a bookstore, holds an irreplaceable place in the fabric of our society.

His understanding of the challenges and opportunities of housing growth, his advocacy for affordable housing for essential workers, and his dedication to preserving the greenspaces that are our city’s lungs speak to a leader who sees Beverly Hills not just as it is, but as it could be. In Corman, there is a rare blend of pragmatism and idealism, a leader who dreams but is firmly grounded in the realities of governance and community needs.

Craig Corman, a candidate for City Council; Beverly Hills, CA – Picture: Times of Israel

But beyond the policies and plans, it was his human touch that left the most indelible mark. To speak with Craig is to feel seen and heard, to sense that your voice, however faint it may be amidst the clamor of the city, matters. His laughter, rich and genuine, cuts through the political jargon, reminding us that at the heart of all governance is the people – their joys, their fears, and their hopes.

As our conversation meandered through the ideals of liberal democracy and the sanctity of free elections, his laughter rang out, infusing our dialogue with a vibrant energy. Nevertheless, beneath our banter lay a shared reverence for the rule of law—a principle both of us upheld with fervor. However, his conviction delved deeper, manifesting not just in a respect for legal frameworks but in a profound commitment to championing the rights of citizens within those bounds.

This encounter, then, was not merely an exchange of ideas but a meeting of minds, where the spirit of enlightenment was rekindled, reminding us of the enduring relevance of those foundational principles that have shaped the contours of modern democracy.

His stance against antisemitism, his nuanced view of international conflicts, and his clear-eyed assessment of the threats we face not just as a city but as a global community, are reflective of a mind that understands the weight of leadership. Craig Corman does not shy away from the complexities of the world; instead, he embraces them, seeking solutions that are compassionate, equitable, and rooted in the rich tapestry of human experience.

As our conversation wove through the intricacies of policy and the philosophies of governance, I was struck by the realization that in Craig Corman, Beverly Hills has not just a candidate, but a caretaker, a visionary, and, most importantly, a neighbor. His candidacy is a bridge between what Beverly Hills has always been and what it can become in the hands of thoughtful, committed leadership.

As the sun set on our meeting, casting long shadows on the avenues of Beverly Hills, I was filled with a sense of optimism. In a world often clouded by cynicism, here was a beacon of genuine intent, a reminder of what public service, at its best, can be. Craig Corman’s campaign for City Council is more than a political endeavor; it is a love letter to Beverly Hills, an invitation to imagine, together, the bright future that lies just on the horizon.

To speak with him was to be reminded of the power of engaged, compassionate leadership. Craig Corman is not just a candidate for City Council; he is a herald of the promise that Beverly Hills, in its beauty and complexity, holds for the future. In his vision, Beverly Hills does not just navigate the challenges of tomorrow; it thrives, setting a standard for communities everywhere. It was, indeed, a conversation that affirmed my belief in the potential of thoughtful governance to sculpt a future that honors our past while boldly embracing the possibilities of the future.

Forsaking the expected exchanges, I offered him my book, “Black Shabbat.” As his gaze fell upon its cover, our dialogue gracefully shifted towards the realm of Judaism. With a pride resonant in his voice, he declared the preeminence of Jewish thought in Beverly Hills, a beacon of cultural and religious identity. The harrowing events of October 7th, which he had learned of with palpable shock, underscored a steadfast conviction: Beverly Hills stands as a bulwark against the scourge of antisemitism, a community where such hatred finds no harbor.

Our discourse ventured into the contentious terrain of geopolitical solutions, where we found common ground in our skepticism towards a two-state resolution. The notion of affording terrorists the opportunity to fortify and metastasize, akin to a malignant growth, was unanimously dismissed. Yet, he articulated a nuanced stance, advocating for temporary ceasefires as acts of humanity—measures to facilitate the return of prisoners and the provision of aid to refugees, all while maintaining the imperative to erase the vestiges of terror.

The specter of terrorism, with its potential to foster domestic iterations, loomed large over our conversation, a shared apprehension that has only been magnified in the wake of September 11. Despite a professed reluctance towards the political arena, his observations of the political landscape—marked by an astute scrutiny of both Republican and Democratic machinations—revealed a person of unparalleled fairness, tolerance, and insightful clarity.

In him, I discerned the embodiment of humanitarian ideals, ethical integrity, unwavering commitment to excellence, democratic principles, and institutional respect—a rare amalgamation of qualities that transcend the mere political, reaching towards the aspirational ideal of what leadership can and should be.

Craig Corman, a candidate for City Council; Beverly Hills, CA – Picture: Times of Israel
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