No Taxation without Representation

“No taxation without representation”. This is one of the very few things I remember from American history lessons as a child. These four words as simple as they seem garnered the American colonies to fight British imperialism to become a sovereign nation and government. A government that will dictate to its people laws of the land. To this day congressmen keep a staff for the sole purpose of answering inquiries of their constituency ensuring that the government will be by the people and for the people.

In recent decades new immigrants from Anglo countries have flocked to Israel not out of fear but out of the dream of Zionism religious and secular alike. We work, live and pay taxes to our new state, however we lack here in our new homeland what our previous homeland fought a war for, representation. The new Anglo immigrants lack the Israeli Chutzpah of growing up here and the necessary “Protectzia” to get our voices heard. We are a people within a land without representation, without transparency. We the people need representation in our government, we need someone that will not only explain in our native tongue goings of body of power in this land but will also listen to our needs and desires.

Transparency, honesty and understanding that is what we need in our government. Many thought Bibi could have been that voice we so desperately needed but with the recent findings of election fraud we turn to another. Rabbi Dov Lipman though he sincerely wanted to be that voice he lacks the Israeli political understanding and knowledge, he found himself in the new Yesh Atid party a mere two months before last elections. Recently in the Tel Aviv Salon Anglos desperately wanted to hear that Yair Lapid would give Dov a realistic spot in his list so that many a second time around an Anglo voice would be heard and with some experience might answer us, that plea went unanswered.

Now we stand with new elections upon us and the Bayit Yehudi as provided the Anglo community with an option. Uri Bank who lived in the States had the Zionistic spirit we poses today to serve in the IDF as a lone soldier and has over a decade of political experience cannot only represent the Anglo community he will answer the Anglo community he will be beholden to us. Not only will he be able to navigate the minefield of politics (as we have seen so many before him fail in the last government), but he wants to! He wants to be our voice in the highest body of power in the land. His record speaks for himself, google him and you will find a dedicated servant of the people and for the people.

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Born outside of Israel, Baruch has since created his life and home in Israel.
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