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Nope, No Jews Allowed Here

Arab Christians have also been targeted by religious fatwas and Palestinian Authority civil laws that prohibit property sales to Jews.

Imagine if the president of the United States made the following insanely racist and immoral statement:

In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Puerto Rican—-civilian or soldier—- on our land.

A policy that reflected such outrageous racism would be unthinkable in the West.

But in 2013 the Palestinian Authority (PA) president said,

In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli-—civilian or soldier—- on our land. [bold added] 1

When Palestinians say “Israeli”, they really mean “Jew.” Everyone in the region understands that Jews could not live in areas governed by the PA.

Despite the obvious racism of PA pronouncements, the world yawns. The PA excludes Jews. What else is new?

In 1996, Ikremah Sabri, the PA’s senior Muslim cleric, issued a fatwa (religious ruling) that made it illegal for any Arab or Muslim to sell property to a Jew. The following year, the PA announced that it intended to enforce this law and institutionalized it by drafting a corresponding civil law called the Property Law for foreigners.2 “In September 2010, a Palestinian court reaffirmed that the sale of Palestinian land to Israelis is punishable by death.”3 When the Palestine Liberation’s ambassador to the United States was asked whether “any Jew who is inside the borders of Palestine will have to leave?” he answered, “Absolutely!”

But the issue has been clouded by contradictory statements by PA officials. In 2013, PA President Mahmoud Abbas told an Israeli newspaper that the issue of Jewish settlers in a future Palestinian state is a subject for discussion and negotiation. But in Egypt a month earlier, speaking in Arabic, he declared that in a final resolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict no Israelis could live on PA land.4

When speaking to journalists or officials in the West, Arab leaders often sound a conciliatory note, careful not to appear racist. After all, the top Palestinian leaders have grown wealthy pilfering Western foreign aid. They don’t want to jeopardize the flow of money into their pockets by appearing racist.

But since shortly after the establishment of the PA, its laws have prohibited Jews from living in, owning property in, or being a citizen in PA governed areas or in a future Palestinian state. It is not as if Jews are foreigners. Jews have lived continuously throughout the land of Israel for over 3,000 years—-at least until they were expelled from the West Bank by the Jordanian army in 1948.

The situation in the Gaza Strip—-governed by the terrorist organization Hamas—is even worse. The founding Hamas charter openly calls for the killing of Jews. It doesn’t say Israelis. It refers to Jews and means that Jews all over the world are legitimate targets.

Hamas has a long history of threats, kidnappings and murder of Jews. They make constant efforts to kidnap Jews for ransom. No Jew would ever be allowed to live in Gaza under Hamas rule. (In 2005, Israel evacuated all Jewish residents of Gaza to allow the Palestinians to develop their own state. Instead, they turned Gaza into a terrorist base for murderous attacks against Israelis.)

Arabs Who Sell Property to Jews

To this day, Palestinian law imposes capital punishment for any Arab who sells property to a Jew. But this punishment has never been carried out because all death sentences require approval of the PA president, and he has never given such approval. He doesn’t need to. Since the death penalty was announced by the PA, Palestinians who sell property to Jews reliably turn up dead.

For example, in 1997 three Palestinians who were convicted of property sales to Jews were murdered. According to Human Rights Watch, the circumstances of the murders “strongly suggested official tolerance if not involvement” by the PA. The PA’s Justice Minister encouraged the killings by making inflammatory statements against the violators, calling them traitors. In 1998, Amnesty International (AI) cited unlawful killings of Palestinians accused of selling property to Jews. AI noted the systematic torture of those who violated the PA law against property sales to Jews.5

Arab Christians have also been targeted by religious fatwas and PA civil laws that prohibit property sales to Jews. Muslim clerics who issue these fatwas fail to distinguish between Jews and Christians. Rather, they criminalize the sale of property to “infidels”, i.e., non-Muslims. As a result, Palestinian Christians have been intimidated by their fellow Arabs.6

Reuters’ Bias

A rational observer might wonder how the Palestinians get away with this stuff.

Palestinian leaders assure the international community that a future Palestinian state will be a liberal democracy. It will eschew the racism and human rights abuses that supposedly characterize Israel.

And yet…..the PA gets a free pass from the international community and foreign press for their Jew-hatred and Jew-exclusion.

The international community has an indulgent standard for Palestinian society and government. Their standard for Israelis is harsher. As I was doing research for this blog post, I came across a stunning example of anti-Israel bias in a 2009 story from Reuters, the international press service. In this story the author fails to condemn Palestinian Jew-exclusion but excoriates Israelis for objecting to it.

I did a double-take when I saw the headline: “Judenrein! Israel Adopts Nazi Term to Back Settlers.”7 Note how the word “Nazi” is associated with Israelis, not Arabs.

Excerpts from the article:

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Hosting the German foreign minister this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used an especially tainted term to condemn the Palestinian demand that Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank be removed.

“Judea and Samaria cannot be Judenrein,” a Netanyahu confidant quoted him as telling Frank-Walter Steinmeier…………

Protocol might have indicated that a representative of the country that carried out the World War Two genocide, and which has since made much effort to atone, be spared such invocations………….

Some diplomats have quietly questioned the propriety of applying such comparisons to a Middle East conflict which is a unique mix of race and religion, conquest and coexistence.

But Netanyahu did not use the term Judenrein “to condemn the Palestinian demand that Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank be removed,” as the Reuters article stated.  He used it because it is an accurate description of the PA’s anti-Semitic policy of Jew exclusion. The journalists at Reuters don’t get worked up about this racist policy. They are not bothered by a policy that bans Jews from an entire country….in this case, a Palestinian nation.

So there you have it. According to Reuters, even in the face of Germany’s genocide and Palestinians’ anti-Semitism, the Jews should “spare” German and Palestinian feelings.

The culprit once again: those gnarly Jews.


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