North Korea: Why it’s a global game changer

For some years now I have been telling anyone who might listen – and they have been precious few – that the tectonic plates are shifting. Europe and European civilization is waning on the express track. Childless societies dependent on either exporting their factories or importing inassimilable Muslims for lack of homegrown labor, do not augur well for any future.

And, once again Germany is flexing its lethal Tuetonic ego, attempting to dominate Europe and impose its will by way of the subterfuge known as the EU. For indeed the EU is nothing less than an attempt at a Fourth Reich.

Between the demographic realities and Germany’s destructive policies – destructive to local and national pride and identity thanks to the multi-culti, post national de-identification being pushed by its heavy-handed, bloated Brussels-based bureaucracy; and destructive to a functioning society that still adheres to acceptable behavioral norms owing to the ongoing importation of millions of problematic immigrants, mostly males of conscription age soon to be followed by millions more, as the multiple wives, myriad children and extended families join them. And these immigrants’ are highly fecund people whose staggering propensity for producing babies will lay waste to native societies that are too selfish to produce their own.

Effectively Europe – at least Western Europe – is giving up. It is throwing up its hands and saying “Our sunset is on the horizon. The barbarians are no longer at the gate, they are inside and we are the ones who invited them in. Now let’s take another vacation.” Yes, they will continue to mouth politically correct platitudes about tolerance, mutual respect, environment whatever. But all this really makes little difference as they have virtually no stake in the future and will have no one to even place flowers on their graves.

Russia stands apart from this lemming-like rush over the precipice. It no longer views itself as the easternmost frontier of Europe, but rather as the westernmost frontier of the new world – Asia. One can debate Putin’s ethics from today until doomsday, but what really troubles the EU is a sinking feeling that the huge Russian rat has abandoned the sinking European frigate, no longer merely hedging its bets, but placing them on a different table entirely.

It is the Visegrad Group – Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary – (and of late it seems Italy as well) that are now hedging their bets. They remain members in increasingly poor standing of the EU, while their eyes are turned eastward and paying close attention to what Russia is doing … and why.

Because the future is indeed the East. From China on one end to Israel on the other, Asia is an archipelago of ancient civilizations that were dormant for centuries, yet never quite dead. Many of us can remember when the arrogant West belittled the East, and viewed it as little more than a source of cheap wind-up toys made from recycled Del-Monte tomato cans and little paper umbrellas for whiskey sours. More recently we could not imagine a China that was not marching blindly to oblivion behind Mao, while clutching his Little Red Book.

Japan roared back to life sooner than China, as did South Korea. But China was not far behind. And India is rapidly playing catch up. Viet Nam is no slouch, and Cambodia and Laos are ambitious and increasingly industrialized.

Asian nations have the demographics, the ambition, the education, the historic sense of self, and the ethnic pride to undergo a total renaissance in record time. Who would have believed that China – Communist China – would dominate world trade and have more intrepid tourists trolling the entire globe than any other nation – if not all other nations combined – a mere quarter century or so after Tianamen Square?

Yet, the archipelago remains incomplete. While China, Japan, South Korea, Viet Nam, India and Israel have roared to life and are competing with enormous success on the global stage, two black holes remain – North Korea and Iran/Persia. Yet anyone who thinks that these missing links will not, sooner rather than later, enjoy the same renaissance as the others is benighted indeed, as was America’s previous President Barack Obama, and as is the EU leadership[. Driven more by short-term greed than by long-term vision and wisdom, the EU mandarins presume that the Ayatollaship of Iran is immutable and that North Korea will choose to remain hostile, isolated and starving in perpetuity. It is either arrogance or stupidity – probably both – that yields such a myopic prognosis. And it was this prognosis that mechanized pre-Trump American and EU global policy.

Somewhere in between the death wish of Europe and the Phoenix-like recharging of Asia stands the United States. On the one hand it faces serious objective challenges. For one thing, its 330 million people are hardly a critical mass when compared to China or India, let alone the entire Eastern hemisphere. America lacks the massive human resources of these increasingly cooperating giants on the one hand. And it lacks the sheer braininess and rapid reflexes of an Israel on the other.

What’s more, the US is geographically isolated from the action, and its citizens are vastly less sophisticated, literate, informed, or well-traveled than any fourth grader in Europe, and increasingly Asia.

One can easily foresee a time when America becomes pretty much irrelevant to the new Asian juggernaut. The American market, while important, is not that significant. Its function as a breadbasket will become increasingly vital for its survival, once Chinese, Indian and Israeli scientists and researchers no long feel it necessary – whether for job opportunities or financial remuneration – to relocate to American universities, and choose to live among their own people.

Yet, America deserves to survive and thrive. It has done so much good for the world and so little bad. There is no blood of Holocaust victims painting its history pages red. It’s people – poorly educated though they may be, and preferring football teams and marching bands to math and physics – are largely good folk with good intentions.

But how can America compete in any real sense – long term – when its universities have nearly all capitulated to the fascism of political correctness; when the liberal arts and social sciences have been taken over by alternative lifestyle, politically correct vigilantes; when gender studies passes for a legitimate major; when illustrated novels have replaced Shakespeare for English literature scholars; when the academic equivalent of basket weaving – conflict resolution – is offered in lieu of political science?

Between its relatively diminutive size, its insularity, and the downward spiral of its academies (indeed what would America’s leading and not so leading universities look like without Chinese students?) the future looks bleak. Bleak but no hopeless. America, too, can wake up. Indeed it is showing signs of waking up even as we speak.

Which brings us to Donald Trump.

I recently wrote an essay in which I posited that there are effectively two types of people, those who operate by intellect and those who operate by instinct. Intellect and ego are inextricably intertwined. Which is why ‘reasoned’ opinions are invariably wrong. By contrast, instinct is never hobbled by ego, hence it is more often right. Yes, animals occasionally get eaten, but by and large they survive on pure instinct. Intellectuals get slaughtered all the time. Their instinct for survival is zero.

A corollary to intellect is a patronizing attitude of disdain toward those considered, as Hillary Rodham Clinton so eloquently put it, “a basket of deplorables”. She is to be credited for her rare moment of honesty in articulating so succinctly the attitude the chattering class has toward John Q. Public. And in the massive echo chamber comprising the academy, the MSM, Hollywood, and the growing Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic party, it is easy to convince oneself that theirs is not merely the only opinion worth having., but that it is the only opinion period.

This mistake was also made by the German-dominated EU. The arrogant EU leadership believed it had a handle on the absolute truth, and could easily steamroll over 741 million Europeans and make them salute an artificial flag and its currency. After all, the unwashed masses, both in Western Europe and the US, have no TV stations or newspapers of their own, they have no universities of their own, they have no talking heads spouting the latest politically correct mantras from abortion rights, to transgender military recruiting, to legitimizing invasion by illegals – be it Arabs to Europe or Latinos to the US – to seeking the destruction of Israel via BDS if not by more brutal means.

One can only imagine their surprise, disgust, bewilderment when masses, yes masses, of those very people they despise rise up and say, resoundingly, “NO”. Indeed for most Americans and Europeans the post-national, multi-culti, globally dominated thought control is not the cup of hemlock they are eager to imbibe. And what is most galling; these feeble-minded, illiterate deplorables are managing to assert themselves without having any media or Hollywood or university to make their case for them.

And so we end up with a Donald Trump in America and a Viktor Orban in Hungary, and a Bibi Netanyahu in Israel and their ilk in Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Greece and now Italy despite the billions George Soros pumps into his elitist attempts to dominate the world, despite Robert De Nero shouting “fuck you” to the President on national TV, despite thousands of silly pussyhat wearers screeching in DC, despite Louis Farrakhan spewing his bilge in Chicago.

For nearly two years the vaunted New York Times has suspended any semblance of journalistic integrity in order to serve as the hangman of the Trump presidency. There is not even an attempt at objectivity. Literally a dozen articles, editorials and op-eds EACH AND EVERY DAY are devoted to eviscerating the almost too late replacement of the unlamented Barack Obama.

But what really bothers these pompous, entitled, echo-chambered elitists is that Trump is a lowbrow. And he is. That he is not an intellectual. He is not. That he is a boor. Absolutely. That he doesn’t surround himself with layers upon layers of New York Times-ordained eggheads to feed him his lines and to implant their thoughts. And thank God for that.

Because Donald Trump, like the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him, operates – as any successful entrepreneur must – on INSTINCT. And instinct has no ego, ands instinct is rarely wrong.

The basket of deplorables who voted for Trump could sense – in their own inarticulate way – that something was seriously wrong in their beloved America and in the world. They rued the loss of innocence, the expulsion of God, the filth of the popular lyrics blasting from the airwaves, the propagandizing by Hollywood and the media of behavior and lifestyles that were simply unnatural and wrong. After all, many of these boors were farmers. Farmers – and their neighbors – are far closer to both God and nature. There are no transsexual or LGBTQ dogs, cats, chickens, hogs, cows or sheep on their farms.

Donald Trump is no saint. He is no poet. He is no glib African American preacher. But he sure has instinct. And his instinct is spot on.

Which brings us to North Korea. Trump intuited something the pundits never could. He intuited the significance of Asia. He intuited the (soon to be fulfilled) fall of the Ayatollahs. He understood where the real game is being played, and it is not in Europe. He intuited that by torpedoing that ugly, pandering deal Obama engineered with Iran he would – despite the boo hoos of a Europe greedy to sell rope to Iran with which to hang themselves – eventually force Iran to its knees. He intuited that by making a one-on-one end run with North Korea he would be driving a powerful nail into the Iranian coffin. He intuited that the G7 are paper tigers. They need America more than America needs them, and their feeding frenzy must be stopped whereby tariffs are a one-way street; whereby America foots the bill for NATO; whereby America funds the UN; whereby America has to pay the membership in an international climate agreement for 60 parasitic nations who bring nothing to the table.

When a diamond cutter looks at a large raw stone his biggest challenge is to find the right spot to strike first. Trump intuited that the right spot is North Korea. And was he ever right. Direct from the spanking he gave to the G7, under a hail of tracer bullets flying at him from the New York Times and CNN, amidst a shower of four letter spittle from Robert de Nero at the Tonys, Donald Trump – the instinctual boor – lands in Singapore and inks a deal with Kim Il Jong!

And here all the media and pundits have been screaming at him for jeopardizing our relations with China – even as now China is singing Trump’s praises and CNN finds itself with a very foul sock in its mealy mouth.

For make no mistake – North Korea is the strike point for cutting and polishing the global diamond. It virtually assures the respect and cordiality of China. It is the first real body blow to Iran. It makes the EU look foolish. It bolsters the ‘populist’ (and what is ‘populist’ other than an elitist way of denigrating the majority of the world’s people) movement that is moving like wildfire across the US and Europe.

Yes, The NY Times will surely continue to hunker down in its bubble, and ignore the fact that its editorial offices are NOT America, and certainly NOT the world, and that nobody besides the coastal denizens of its echo chamber give a rat’s posterior what it or its basket of vslick erbalists think, say or write.

No doubt today is a sobering moment for the MSM. Nevertheless we can rest assured that once their hangover ends they will yet again imbibe the liquor of their own self-importance.

Meanwhile the Trump train gathers steam, the economy gets stronger, the stock market is in overdrive, the future beckons and, hopefully, a red state tsunami will take place come November. Given a choice between intellect and instinct, the vox populi is making itself heard. And thank God for that. In fact God must be thankful as well, the people who acknowledge Him are fighting back. His quarantine may be coming to an end.





About the Author
J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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