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NOT a Sacred Date

Our alternate prime minister and Secretary of Defense has criticized the prime-minister’s declaration that annexation will begin on 1 July as he had previously determined.

Benny Gantz responded that 1 July is not a sacred date and that more immediate attention should be given to the growing deadly corona pandemic.

As to be expected, the ego-maniacal dictator of Israel sniped back at his coalition partner “it’s not up to him. He is not a factor in it anyway”. The cameras were grinding away as the microphone picked up his voice.

If Netanyahu determines that his coalition partner is “not a factor” and that the decision to begin annexation in the West Bank is “not up to him”, why should Gantz remain in the “partnership”?

A prime minister who defames and belittles his partner is a prime minister without morals and needs to be replaced quickly before he does more damage to our country’s previous good name.

Gantz is correct. 1 July is NOT a sacred date. Neither is 2 July or 30 July. There simply are NO sacred dates. But God forbid that anyone should disagree with his holiness, Binyamin Netanyahu, who would cast his opponents into the fiery furnaces in hell.

Donald Trump in Washington is guilty of supporting the Israeli nemesis. If annexation takes place and the Palestinians wage a new intifada upon us, the blood that will be shed will be on Trump’s hands. And the puppet prime-minister of Israel, often mimicked as our “crime minister” will be deposed by the suffering Jewish people of the State of Israel.

If the American president ever publicly denounced the voice of his vice-president and humiliated him before the nations of the world, other voices…stronger voices… humane voices… would insist upon an impeachment of the president.

We have no impeachment law in our political system. Corruption is tolerated. The current prime-minister, on trial for his criminal offenses, is a prime example of a tolerated corrupt leader.

His party members and his supporters, hungry to keep their warm seats in parliament or cabinet, are terrified of publicly criticizing him. Their criticism is among themselves but never among our public.

Benny Gantz is a moral man joined at the hip of an immoral man in the name of unity in government.

If he is “not a factor” and if the decision for annexation on 1 July “is not up to him”, he should demonstrate to the citizens of our great country that we cannot continue to be ruled by a dictator, one who takes his orders from his spouse.

Citizens of Israel should be forewarned about leaving their homes on 2 July. That is the date when blood will begin to flow and turn our cities, towns and villages red.

The Palestinian Authority’s citizens and the ruling terrorist party in Gaza will strike us with a blow so hard that we will suffer more from it than from the coronavirus.

In the end, we will be victorious as in all previous wars and battles. But at what price? How many of us need to die because a dictator’s dream of his legacy takes precedence over human lives?

Gantz is correct. There is nothing sacred about a date. And if the American administration is wise the green-light should change its color. The red –light means Halt. Stop.

And those are the two words that Netanyahu needs to hear loud and clear. His attempts to end our democracy with his one-man rule must cease. And he must go, willingly or otherwise.

We, the ordinary citizens of the State of Israel deserve much better. And we need the “better” now !

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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