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‘Not the I But the We’… Bennett the Brave

Today, 30 May 2021, we heard the words which were lacking before. In Naftali Bennett’s brief but brave remarks, his historic words touched upon the hearts of every citizen of Israel who is searching for truth and equality, unlike the rule of an egoistic indicted criminal prime minister.

“Zeh lo ANI, zeh ANACHNU,” Bennett proclaimed. Not “I” but “We”. Not Bibi but ezrachai Yisrael. All citizens of Israel. The people of Israel, our citizens, come first and must always be first.

Bennett spoke clearly but fervently of the desire to have a unified government… a government of unity, togetherness and not hatred and jealousy. A government which respects its voters and honors its people. All of its people!

In his response, Netanyahu said nothing positive but only criticized Bennett as a leftist who told lies. As a matter of interest, it is only Netanyahu who is the master of deceit. He mentions the word “truth” but it is a word alien to his conscience.

Bibi always speaks of a “witch-hunt” which seeks his fall from grace. The truth is that it is not a hunt… but truly only a witch. And our people know it. The first lady of Israel has become the worst lady.

With everything Bibi has done in his past twelve years in the seat which he desperately wants to keep warm (and he has truly done many good things), his emphasis has turned to the “I” and he seems to have forgotten the “We”. He has placed himself not as head of the people but rather as head above the people.
Rather than being a faithful servant of our people he has transformed all of us into being his servants.

The intelligent citizens of Israel (and there are millions of them) recognize a liar and a fraud when they hear one. And today they have heard the remarks of a failing and frightened prime minister.

Matai “dayenu” dayenu? When is our “enough” enough? When can the Balfour street residence once again house respectable residents? When will our people realize that it is not a question of right or left nor left or right… it is a matter solely of truth, justice, fairness, equality, honesty and devotion.

Of these terms, Netanyahu knows only one. Devotion. He is 100% devoted to himself and to his family. He has forgotten what the word means to the nine million citizens of the State of Israel.

If he can’t stop calling bad names to the Arabs, he transfers his negative speech to all those who oppose him. He speaks with a smirk on his face and with lies on his lips. For him it is always the Ani… the I.

Bennett and Lapid and Saar and Shaked represent a new word. HOPE. With them, there is a hope for change, a change for the better, for the best, for the security and well-being of the people of Israel.

Netanyahu, in his response to Bennett, questioned him about his strength with Washington, with neighboring Arab states, with Iran and with Hamas in Gaza. He denies Bennett’s abilities to succeed.

What foolishness! Was Netanyahu ever able to wipe out the terrorism in Gaza? Was he ever able to end rule of Hamas? Was he ever able to eliminate Sinwar and other Hamas major leaders? Why are we still at war with Gazan terrorists? How long must bereaved parents wait to receive the bodies of their dead sons for a Jewish burial? What, in the name of truth, has Netanyahu accomplished to end the missiles which fly over our territory and homes in the south? When must small children go to sleep without intense fear in their hearts of a broken sleep as they flee into shelters? What has Netanyahu accomplished to guarantee security for all of us?

Netanyahu can only criticize Bennett for alleged flip-flops. But the big joke of the century is his ridiculously stupid remark that “Bennett is only concerned about himself” when just the opposite is true.

It is Binyamin Netanyahu who is totally concerned only of his position to remain as prime minister for life with little concern for the people who foolishly re-elected him. Sara and Yair love the Balfour “home”. And Yair can live free at tax-payers expense without ever having to work or to hold a job. Useless!

Bibi looks into his mirror while shaving with the question: “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is superior and wisest and best and most beloved of all”, while answering himself “why it’s me, of course; who else could it possibly be?”

It’s time to wipe his mirror and clean it from all the fog. He needs a new mirror… one that shows the truth.

Bennett and Lapid may not be 100% successful in ending the Gaza conflict without going into a full-scale war but they will not brag of “victories” which in reality have not been victories. They will not pretend to serve the WE while serving only the I. On the contrary. They are devoted first and foremost to the WE.

Naftali Bennett’s remarks were brief but brave and powerful. They spoke to the hearts and minds of the voters, of the people of Israel, of ALL the people of Israel. They were honest words and believable ones.

We know that it is time for change. We know that it is time for mifleget shinui … memshelet shinui… a party of change… a government of change.

In brief, we must use the words which our God spoke to our people centuries ago through Avraham our father… “Lech L’cha”… arise and go. These are the words we must speak to Netanyahu. Lech L’cha… arise and go to your palatial home in Caesarea and vacate the Balfour residence that it may be cleansed and purified for the next honest residents… rotating Bennett and Lapid… in yirtzeh ha am, If the people so will it.

The honest words spoken today by candidate Bennett were powerful. We need a new leader who represents the ANACHNU first and the ANI last.

Not right and not left should concern us. Truth, faithfulness and loyalty to WE, the people, should!

P.S. I have heard good news. The God of Israel is voting for the Bennett-Lapid-Saar-Shaked ticket.

Are you?

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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