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Obtacle to Peace: Has the UN Outived Its Welcome?

Is it time for Israel to boot out all UN representatives? The sacking of several UN reps for their complicity with Hamas in the October 7th massacre is the most outrageous and duplicitous example of this organizations conduct towards Israel since 1948.

And, now we hear it was only the tip of an iceberg, with a reported 10 percent of UNRWA personnel also working for Hamas.

Ever since UN proclaimed Israel a member state in 1948, it has been waiting for the Jewish state to disappear. The UN sees Israel as an oddball that causes endless tsouris in the Middle East.

When the nascent UN voted to accept Israel statehood in 1948, it did so only as humanitarian gesture, with most members refusing to arm the Israelis, figuring the massed Arab armies would make short work of the Jews.

THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN, and the UN has been working against Israel’s interests ever since.

Had the Arabs won in 1949, there would have been a massacre of Israelis. But, because Israel was winning and driving against Arab forces, the UN arranged a ceasefire and ceasefire lines before Israel achieved all its goals. Even though those lines were erased in 1967, the UN considers them borders…but borders for Israel only.

It was the height of naivety, stupidity or a hatred of Israel for UNRWA to hire local people and Hamas supporters, as workers, some of whom we are told participated in the October 7th massacre and abductions.

Since the United Nations Human Rights Council was created in 2006, it has passed 45 resolutions against Israel, almost as many resolutions condemning Israel alone than on issues for the rest of the world combined.

Much of this has been caused by the large block of Muslim countries in the UN, along with their supporters. This alone invalidates the UN’s credibility as an honest broker, something that was illustrated by the 1975 UN Resolution 3379 that claimed Zionism was a form of racism.

The Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations and the early pre-Muslim dominated UN never thought that a Jewish homeland was racist. And Israel has developed into a model multi cultural nation similar to Joseph’s coat of many colors.

Then there’s UNRWA. What can you expect from a self perpetuating bureaucracy whose very existence depends on a unique perpetuation of refugee status for millions of 2nd and 3rd generation Palestinian Arabs who should rightly be citizens of their host countries.

A major stumbling block in the peace process has been the subject of refugees. But there are only a few thousand of those 1948 people alive.

The UN has never condemned Arab League resolution 1547 which is designed to keep Palestinians stateless. UNRWA makes a final settlement near impossible since instead of demanding host Arab nations confer citizenship on the millions of Palestinian Arabs living in these nations since 1948, they keep them stateless in permanent camps waiting to return to what is now Israel.

If you examine how the UN has treated Israel over the decades, it seems it is just waiting for the nation to disappear. Happy to disappoint!

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