At a pro-Israel rally here in Chicago (the second one this week), I encountered the opposition. Cool. No problem.  Most of them usually seem pretty nice.

Yet as I made my way over to the corner of the (mind you police barricaded) Thompson square where our rally was held, I saw more than just flags from Palestine. I saw multiple “End the Occupation” posters as well.

Since when has Israel occupied Palestine?

Last time I checked, Palestine doesn’t even technically exist. The current conflict is about Gaza, a land that the Israelis forcibly removed their citizens from in 2005 following a 2004 agreement with the PLO. In the document itself, removal of Israeli citizens from Gaza would happen in exchange for peace. In addition, the agreement also stated that upon Israel leaving Gaza, that, “there will no longer be use of the term ‘occupation’ when referring to Israel”. That document was signed by members of the PLO and Israel.

I guess rockets speak louder than paper these days.

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Toby Klein is a current senior residing in the suburbs of Chicago. She's a senior fellow in Write On For Israel (Chicago) Cohort 10.
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