Neal Brodsky

Ode for our People in Ethiopia

Photo: Meketa Ethiopia team

Souls stirring in wombs of Jewish mothers. Skin not white like me.

Four month old boy. Mother dead, nothing could save her. Skin not white like me.

Masks cover faces in Covid-19. Skin not white like me.

Cannot buy milk when no one will hire you. Skin not white like me.

What’s the cost to brains and bodies when children don’t eat? Skin not white like me.

Broken promises breed depression. Writers, artists drop pens in despair. “Dirty Jew” taunts in the Land of Burnt Faces. Skin not white like me.

Hands stamp passports that welcome some home. Skin not white like me.

Daughter cries out, mother boarding plane without her to Promised Land. Skin not white like me.

Where’s “Operation Ending Family Separation” once and for All?
Why Federations silent, conversations muted? Skins many white like me.

Arms carry prayer books in mud floored synagogue. Foot pedals weave silver strands into prayer shawl. Fingers guide knitting blue and white kippah. Hands store shofars for the next new year. Skin not white like me.

Whole families sleep in one mud walled room. Praying for food and news that we care. Skin not white like me.

Makes such sense to sponsor a child. Skin not white like me.

Pens move to checkbooks saving lives now.

Souls like you and me.

Donations possible through Struggle to Save Ethiopian Jewry in USA, Meketa in UK and North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry Note: Child in photo sponsored by author through Meketa.

The author curates One Jewish Family: News of Ethiopian Jews social media feeds on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) with volunteer help from Israel, the UK and USA.

About the Author
Neal H. Brodsky, a family and somatic psychotherapist, writer and activist lives in Connecticut near NYC. A contributor to the 2021 Routledge International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play & Play Therapy, he is affiliated with the Israel Center for Self Transformation. Originally trained as a script writer, his career includes ten years writing grants supporting families in subsidized housing, more than a decade in marketing positions at major U.S. public television stations and programming management at HBO. Neal curates @onejewishfam (One Jewish Family) feeds on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and what readers formerly knew as Twitter. Due out with a book on his therapeutic work with children for Routledge/Taylor & Francis in 2024, his most recent writing can be found on Substack.
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