If I cry in February

It’s that time of year again …

February in Israel —

And a love poem

has been percolating

inside of me.

Each Saturday in February, I promise to find the words and put them down. But instead I get lost in the fields of my muse.

In fact …there she is again.

See her?

kalanit 1

With my pointer finger, I trace her fleeting beauty.

But as quickly as verse forms, it crumbles.

There are no words.

She is to be seen, not heard.

kalanit 2

And yet …

A love poem


inside me.

What to do with all those


Continue to try to capture with precision

my longing?

Her sultry stare?

A nation’s adoration?

Why must I?

Why can’t I just love her?

kalanit 3

If I cry in February,

be kind.

Know that it’s because I’m once again

without words.

In love —

for the briefest of breaths.

With a flower.



One day I will — write a poem. But until then, please enjoy this song written by Nathan Altermann in 1945 and first sung by Shoshana Damari. Translated lyrics in English may be found here.

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Jen Maidenberg made Aliyah to the Lower Galilee with her family in 2011. A published writer and author, she chronicles her life in prose and poetry at
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