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Harold Ohayon
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Omar’s Noxious Othering Continues

In a day and age where certain segments of society rush to find offense and slander in everything under the sun, it is depressingly amusing to see these very same people yet again turn a blind eye to the drivel being spouted by Representative Ilhan Omar.

Omar is no stranger to controversy. From ignoring the concerns of the Jewish community in her district, to her musings about how Jewish money influences American foreign policy, Omar is apparently blind to the fact that she embodies the same xenophobia she claims is constantly being perpetrated against her. Anytime a Republican points out the dangers of her rhetoric, Omar and her ilk rush to scream racism, Islamophobia and intolerance. When Jewish Democrats voiced their concern about Omar’s recent comparison of Israel and the United States to terrorist groups, they did so in watered down tones and soft language lest they be attacked by Omar and her supporters. Such is the tyranny of the intolerant fringe.

Omar has once again stepped in that metaphorical pile, this time accusing her Jewish Democratic colleagues of failing to seek ‘justice’, whatever that may be. Mind you, Omar once fought for leniency for Islamic State supporters, and she has also acted as an apologist for Palestinian radicalism. It is thus safe to assume that anyone standing counter to her warped concepts of justice are indeed doing something right, but that is beside the point. Omar specifically called out the Jews for rebuke, something she would never tolerate against any other group. Imagine if a politician called out Muslims by name for their apparent moral failings. Those in positions of power would rend their garments and demand retribution, the national media would play the clip on a loop and paint the entire nation as being complicit, and celebrities would make hollow statements of solidarity. Yet when it comes to the Jews, the bleeding hearts of America remain silent.

American Jewry is now slowly coming to terms with the fact that anti-Semitism is becoming an increasingly tolerated for of bigotry. Attacks against Jews are increasing year by year, yet the country slumbers on. There is no widely publicized campaign to combat anti-Semitism, nor do the mouth pieces of our society utter their contempt for Jew hatred. Compare this with Black Lives Matter and #StopAsianHate. These movements gained widespread popularity from all corners of American society, from politicians to celebrities to the social media world. Yet the plight of the Jews remains largely ignored. The dangerous rhetoric being used by Omar is but another example of the disintegration of a society we all once thought as being a truly safe haven. If American Jews are to survive in peace and security, it is imperative to challenge anti-Semitism at every opportunity. Failure to do so will create a nightmarish reality for America’s Jews, albeit one that is entirely preventable. Those in positions of power now need to grow backbones and stand up against this nefarious toxin, regardless of where it emanates from.

Representative Omar has used her race, sex, and religion as shields against criticism for far too long. It is time she is held accountable for helping propagate anti-Semitism. This would be a welcomed first move in the long road of expunging the blight of Jew hatred from our society.

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