Lou Sandler

On Another Homicidal Attack in Jerusalem

Anytime the Palestinian factions even get close to be taken seriously; to putting on a degree of pressure seen as relevant; start to secure some international credibility; catch the interest of anybody IN Israel not of the Israeli hard Right….they deliberately sabotage it from within each time.

They allow their own out of control, remarkably homicidal and sociopathic wings to commit increasingly atrocious actions so counterproductive so as to have no coherence what-so-ever. This then further bolsters the Israeli hard Right whose own increasing amorality then is – even if for a time – re-legitimized.

At the same time, Israeli and Diaspora Jews not of the Israeli hard Right become more aligned with the Israeli hard Right; become more radicalized. Those who could be partners; collaborators who want to really work towards peaceful solutions – who are willing to make hard decisions – are understandably repelled and disgusted.

Israel is not perfect but neither does it schedule heinous random terror attacks against innocents increasingly on a day to day basis which are then proudly and publicly announced across its cities.

And those of the world community who don’t see the difference; those who blithely compare the IDF to homicidal Palestinian factions, for instance, are among the reasons why Palestinian factions remain empowered to commit such horrific acts under the wholly false flag of ‘resistance.’

Palestinian leaders like Abbas want the world to ‘sign off’ on Palestinian statehood but can’t even draw back in, can’t seem to neutralize, their own sociopathic wings whose only priorities are themselves since they know that they can’t possibly beat Israel militarily. The PA first needs to clearly demonstrate it can take care of its own issues and its own radicalized factions.

At the same time, these homicidal radicalized Palestinian factions do know that they can continue the misery and pain not only for Israelis but, particularly, for those innocent Palestinians…and there are plenty of innocent Palestinians…those who also want resolution and lives of peace with a future.

Hamas, in essence, has long been holding non-Hamas Gazans ‘hostage’ to their own form of internal homicidal terror. The PA authority needs to decide on its real priorities and stop legitimizing, even peripherally, such brutality whether Palestinian on Palestinian or Palestinian on Israeli.

Israel is not going to disappear and the Palestinians have nowhere else to go. This would seem to be a forced formula making real discussions; discussions without the histrionics and shared political amorality, imperative to the future and stability of both groups.

That Israel will be forced, again, to increasingly self-defend is exactly what the radicalized Palestinian factions and militarized Islam wants to happen; and it will by necessity. The world will be ‘aghast,’ of course, but will share direct culpability.

The Israeli hard Right has to stop threatening to forcibly remove every Palestinian from the Territories and Abbas has to discontinue threatening ‘global religious war;’ both threats actually are absurd logistically but incredible and sustained triggers none-the-less.

The Palestinian factions who commit such violence do so only for themselves, not their so-claimed god or any sincere wish for an autonomous or independent state. The violence is for the sake of the violence; there is no motive other than to kill Jews in Israel and get international attention.

And the violence will need to be stepped on once and for all but not only by Israel. It is also up to Palestinian leadership to demonstrate that they want to be taken seriously.

I’d also suggest, then, that Abbas hold back on his next delusional set of accusations towards Israel; his next extended whiney soliloquy at the UN, look out his own window and get to be taken seriously.

The Israeli hard Right also needs to understand that without a real working collaboration with the PA, Israel’s current stability and future viability is at extreme risk. The Israeli Right needs to stop trying to match word for word the amoral vitriol of the radicalized Palestinians and militarized Islamic groups. Settlement and house building needs to stop immediately and real talks, real and sincere, initiated.

I truly feel compassion; I weep for the many innocents…the many who want the psychosis, constant ‘state of war’ and incredible suffering to stop…the innocents and persons of sincerity from both sides.

Above all, the world community needs to put the same perceived pressure on the Arab and Palestinian factions to gain internal control and reign in the lunacy as they do so gladly to Israel.

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I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.
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