On Patriotic Sabotage: Why Israel Needs to be Sanctioned

As the prospect of a further invasion of Gaza approaches and tensions in the region escalate, many distressed Israeli and American citizens watch in horror as the American-funded IDF promises to continue battering Gaza into oblivion. While internal pressure is mounting for the government to accept a deal with Hamas in order to free the remaining hostages, the political consensus remains steadfast against making political concessions to the Palestinian Authority in the hopes of stabilizing growing unrest in the West Bank and Jordan. Additionally, though recent mass protests in the U.S. have changed some of the discourse surrounding the conflict, the American political establishment remains effectively in support of Israel’s actions, with some leftist leaders paying mostly lip service to any criticism of Israel’s brutality or lack of vision for a permanent solution. The pathetic duplicity of the Israeli-American alliance, the damaging nature of the mutually parasitic relationship between the corrupt leaderships of both countries, has called into question not only the legitimacy of Israel, but of America’s domineering role in global affairs.

After years of having tried and failed to understand the Israeli-American system and to identify, at least partially, with the political ideals espoused by its failing leadership, I’ve awakened to the cold, hard fact that no negotiations are possible with such corruption, and that any realistic remediation of our current crisis must first free itself of the constraints of working from within the present systems of power. Any attempt to influence government policies by “democratic means,” such as running in elections or engaging directly with political actors, is doomed to failure, since, in the cases of both the U.S. and Israel, the majority of voters have proven themselves incapable of either critical thinking or of standing up for their freedom. The elusive promise of the American “pursuit of happiness” and the unyielding Jewish fear of genocide have indoctrinated generations of voters into believing in the unique salvation of the current structure, leaving them wholly unwilling and unable to consider possible alternatives.

The satanic, suicidal behavior of today’s elite in the U.S. and Israel can be traced to the failed denazification efforts of the U.S. in postwar Europe and to its stubbornness in supporting the same corrupt systems of power, through “capitalism” and heavy-handed imperialism, that destabilized humanity for much of the twentieth century. America’s relaxed attitude towards fascism, both European and Israeli, enabled the seeds of mayhem to again take root and fester. Additionally, the decadence of decades of unipolar globalism that included blatantly illegal wars and unprecedented economic dysfunction weakened the unity of the U.S. in much the same way as Israel’s continuing occupation eroded the remaining veneer of liberalism from the militaristic superstructure of a nihilistic, immature and chauvinistic people. The gradual closing of the American political consciousness, a process accelerated by increased surveillance due to the digital revolution and the security reforms following 9/11, and Israel’s recent political turn to extreme identarianism (epitomized by the protest movement of the past year) have served to embolden the political establishment’s resolve to oppose change and impose their interests through increasingly violent and manipulative means.

America’s support for Israel’s harsh treatment of Palestinians not only enables Israel to reign supreme, it also forces the U.S. to take increasingly fundamentalist positions relative to its already rigid Calvinist morality, further distancing itself from the rest of the world. As basic human instinct fails to justify the barbarity of the Israeli operation in Gaza, U.S. politicians must resort to progressively abstract and inhuman moral values in order to salvage the legitimacy of their other foreign enterprises, especially in Europe. This cycle of radicalized self-validation reinforces the psychological and linguistic constraints of such a closed system, and inevitably leads to the greater disengagement, and the subsequent alienation, of Israel-America from the consciousness of the rest of humanity. Through growing isolationism, expanding censorship, and increased government interference, both America and Israel have, in many ways, devolved into a pair of binary, interdependent proto-fascist societies, dangerously divorced from reality. Put them together, and they threaten to usher in a new era of violence and conflict for all of humanity.

Israel-America must be stopped. The respective leaderships must be put back in their places, and nothing less than unconditional surrender and the comprehensive dismantling of both ideological regimes will suffice if humanity is expected to survive. However, as I’ve already emphasized in previous posts, the entirety of the state need not be seen as the enemy, rather a distinction must be made between the ruling political elite, and the purely functional, professional elements of the greater institutional apparatus, or “deep state”. In Israel, security personnel will form the backbone of the new leadership. In the U.S., on the other hand, powerful federal bureaucracies, led by civil servants, could adapt almost seamlessly to alternative power-sharing schemes with other regional governments (i.e. based on NAFTA) regardless of political leanings. Of course, such a transformation would require due diligence and lots of patience, but I believe that it could conceivably occur in the near future, and even very soon in the case of Israel.

Ironically, my trust in the “deep-state” and its moral supremacy over the conspiracy of elected officials undercuts the rebellious character of my beliefs and actions. Though I remain very critical of Zionism, and very suspicious of Israel’s political aspirations, I maintain my allegiance to Israel’s security interests and strive to facilitate cooperation with our Palestinian collaborators in the West Bank. Though I consider myself a Marxist and feel deeply disillusioned by the liberal nihilism that defines American society, I feel a patriotic duty to protect my fellow citizens, and my country, from the political corruption that threatens to destabilize society. To put it another way, understanding that effective change must derive from positions of extant power, and having despaired of the integrity of elected officials, I’ve consigned my hopes and political dreams, and even some religious sentiment, to the obscurity of “deep-state” actors and their hidden, subversive tendencies.

Those who are dependent on established political channels may dismiss my beliefs as delusional, conspiratorial, or even dangerous. I am usually seen by others as decidedly un-American and antisemitic. However, I can make the same arguments about their belief in God, capitalism or Zionism. While those who ridicule me may now have the upper hand, I believe that things will change for the better. Many in the world are now raising their voices in dissent, calling for an end to the violence in Gaza, and an end to the oppressive American global hegemony. The international community is waking up to the threat that Israel-America poses to global security, and international institutions, along with individual states, have started to rethink their approach to both Israeli and American interests. The ICJ and ICC, the UN, and even members of the E.U. are now considering their next move. I invite the international community to recognize Palestine. I invite the international community to scrutinize the political motives behind Israel’s irresponsible and immoral behavior. I invite the international community to impose sanctions on Israel, if deemed necessary, in order to stop the carnage. I implore the international community to do what it takes to undermine the Israeli-American conspiracy.

“A prisoner cannot free himself from prison.” (Talmud Bavli)

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Originally from Westchester, NY, Aryeh made Aliyah 7 years ago.
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