One night in Paris

While we all stand with and support the people of France after last Friday’s horrific attacks, we should not forget that acts of terror and the deaths of innocent people occur almost every day in Israel.  But the attacks in Paris have received more news coverage than all terrorist attacks against Israel in the past year.

People reacted to the attacks in Paris as if they were the first major terrorist act since September 11th. However, many other countries experience terror attacks and don’t get as much media exposure as France.  I do not recall the colors of the Kenyan flag on people’s Facebook photos when terrorists killed 147 people in that country just seven months ago.  I also do not recall the Tower Bridge in London or the Sydney Opera House being lit up in the colors of the Turkish flag after a terrorist attack in that country killed over a hundred people a little over a month ago. Is the death of 100 innocent people in one country more worthy of mourning than the death of 100 innocent people in another country?  Is a terrorist attack in Europe more tragic than one in Africa or the Middle East?

In Israel, innocent people, including little children, are killed by terrorists on a regular basis. But the attacks against Israelis are not considered worthy of being internationally condemned. Are people biased in opposing terrorism? Prime Minister Netanyahu declared, “It is time for states to condemn terrorism against us like they condemn terrorism anywhere else in the world.” It’s very frustrating when people don’t stand up for innocent victims of terror in Israel like they do for victims in other countries. On the same night that Paris was attacked, a father and son driving through Hebron to a family event were murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.  Attacks like this take place in Israel all the time and get almost no media attention outside of that country.

Terrorism anywhere in the world that causes innocent people to become victims of violence should be condemned the same way that people are condemning what happened in Paris.  When we don’t show the same amount of support for all victims of terror, we send a signal to the terrorists that it’s okay to victimize certain “less popular” groups, to carry out attacks in “less popular” countries.  Even a big international power like Russia is not excluded from this list. The bombing of its plane by ISIS terrorists resulted in the death of 224 people, but it was not shown the same support and sympathy that was shown to France.

So let’s equally condemn all terrorist attacks against all people. Let’s show the same support for the French, the Israelis, the Russians, and any other group targeted by savages. There are no acceptable victims of terror in a civilized world.

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