Peter Baum
Peter Baum

One state or two? Time to rethink

For the last twenty years at least , most political commentary on the Israel, Palestinian issue has been consistent in suggesting that the solution to achieving a just peace can and must be via the Two State Solution. Contrary to this seemingly reasonable view are the extreme Islamist, anti Zionist and anti semitic analysts who still consider the destruction of Israel as the only desirable objective.

Unsurprisingly the premise of a one state solution has universal support within the right wing of Israeli society such as Im Tirtzu, and together with the moderate voices opposed to the two state solution there is global, media hostility. Similar hostility emanates from left wing groups like Yachad who fiercely support a two state solution. The two state solution support has always received almost universal political and general media support.

Up until now that is. I sense the time is right to start challenging the premise of two states given the current events and turmoil in the Muslim world and the Middle Eastern region. Geo politically this is a moment to at least challenge the notion of a Palestinian State.

No longer can the Palestinians claim exclusive media attention as Iraq, Syria, ISIS, Yemen and Turkey have overshadowed the previous decades of unwarranted and unprecedented saturation news coverage afforded to the Palestinians.

Surrounding countries have consistently recently failed to support Palestinians and are currently incapable of supporting themselves. Thus does the world want or need yet another failed Arab State which indeed Palestine would be. One only has to review the Palestinian Authority’s total incompetence to conclude the answer is an absolute no.

The Palestinians have lost much support from Sunni Arab countries as they become more reliant on their Shia benefactors. Israel incredibly has gained more trust from Egypt and Jordan for security reasons than at any time since its creation. Saudi Arabia is making overtures to Israel through diplomatic channels to counter Iran as has Turkey having overcome the Mavi Marmara episode and the recent coup attempt. Corruption within Fatah, Islamism within Hamas and their mutual, rabid loathing for each other have created the conditions which give Israel an unprecedented opportunity to diplomatically challenge the anti Israel political establishment and their mania for a Palestinian State.

Politically in the current environment and with the current dual Palestinian leadership, two states will not work. It will enhance the military capabilities of those Palestinians who seek the destruction of Israel and simultaneously weaken the incompetent, but less militaristic Palestinians on the West Bank.

That is not to say a two state solution can never work but to realise that the current environment is not the appropriate time. Only when the surrounding Arab States have achieved their internal security should we revisit this proposition. That however, may not even be necessary.

The impact of a one state solution may well be to include those in the West Bank within Jordan and those in Gaza within Egypt. As the Palestinian Authority’s incompetence increases and as corruption within Hamas continues it is possible that either conflict from within and assistance from Jordan and Egypt may alter the current dynamics.

There are some within the pro Israel lobby who have the knowledge, competencies and other necessary abilities to eloquently and logically promote Israel’s case against the most bigoted of audiences. That one can argue the truth for the non justification religiously, historically or legally for a Palestinian State is no longer a requirement. The logic is simply to analyse the political climate and internecine hostilities that are currently devouring Islam, Muslims , Arab and non Arab. Add to this powder keg of other nations fighting off Islamism, especially on the African continent but also within Asia with various degrees of success globally and the support for yet another Muslim state is globally decreasing.

Globally the world will reject another Muslim state and the case for opposing a Palestinian State should be made now.

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Peter Baum has experience in International Finance, and has regularly contributed on the subject matter through written articles, TV appearances and lectures. He was chairman of Southend Young Conservatives, founding member of Southend Friends of Israel, current delegate on the Board of Deputies and Executive Council member of Fair Reporting.
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