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One the Eve of the 2022 U.S. Elections A Red Wave Appears Imminent

Finally, something both political parties are in agreement on. In my experience, they rarely, if ever, agree on anything, (It is said that if the sun were shining one party would insist that it is nighttime.), however, both agree that next week’s election will be critical for the future of America. Each has stated repeatedly that this election will decide what kind of America we will leave for our children and grandchildren. Each has maintained only they are equipped to lead us forward, and that a victory for the other side will result in the destruction of our way of life. (Politicians love hyperbole.)

On October 22 I published the blog “Red Wave,” which explained, in my view, the current status of our country and the reasons why, I believe, the GOP would crush the Dems in a “red wave” on ED. My opinion has not changed. If anything, it has been reinforced. All the momentum is with the GOP.

It seems very likely that the GOP will attain a majority in the House. The only question is how decisive will their victory be. (Bye-bye Nancy!) The Senate is more uncertain. We all know that, historically, polls have not always been reliable, but as I write this, the most current Trafalgar and Inside Advisor polls have identified several races that are either tied or within the margin of error. They include, for example, the Senate races in AZ, GA, NH, PA NV, NC, OH, and possibly CO and WA, and the governor’s races in AZ, MI, and NY. Most significantly, in all of the above cases the GOP has the momentum, which does not augur well for the Dems.

As we know, the GOP only needs a net gain of one seat to control the Senate. GOP supporters are very optimistic. For instance, former Speaker Newt Gingrich has predicted a net gain of 40 or more seats in the house and two or more in the Senate.

Dems are putting on a brave face, but the signs indicate they fear disaster is looming. Suddenly, we are seeing the “big guns,” notably former presidents Obama and Clinton, and “bad penny” Hillary crisscrossing the country in an 11th hour attempt to rally the base. Even President Biden has rousted from his bunker to lend a hand. Keep in mind, this is the same Biden who is so unpopular among the electorate that heretofore no candidate wanted him within a country mile of their campaign.

This strikes me as a sign of desperation. The Dems are especially panicking in NY. A few months ago the governor’s race seemed like a “lock.” Hochul was up over 20 points on Zeldin. But, Hochul, who has been running one of the worst campaigns in recent memory, has squandered that lead. The psychological impact of losing the governorship of solid blue NY, where registered Dems outnumber registered GOPers about 2:1, would be devastating to them, and they know it. Hence, we see the deployment of the “big dogs.”


As I have said, I believe that the so-called “red wave” is primarily attributable to the fact that the overwhelming majority of voters are worse off today than they were when Biden took office, and despite the Dems’ efforts to “spin” they know what they see and feel. They see it whenever they buy food or gas or clothes or pay for healthcare or pay the rent or mortgage. They see it when they get their financial statements with a diminished 401K or IRA balance. They feel unsafe due to rampant and random crime and an insecure border. They feel uneasy by the aggressiveness of our enemies, such as Russia, China and Iran, who are taking advantage of Biden’s weakness.

Worst of all, the Dems seem to be tone-deaf. They seem out of touch with the American public. They are focused on January 6, climate change, abortion and Donald Trump rather than the those issues that are most critical to most voters. They claim the border is “secure.” They claim inflation is “transitory” or non-existent. They blame high gas prices on Putin, or Trump, or the GOP. They deny the existence of soaring crime. They appear more sympathetic to the needs of illegal aliens rather than their own citizens. In summary, how can they solve the above problems when they won’t even acknowledge they exist?

In their desperation Dems and their supporters have resorted to insults, scare tactics and transparent lies. For example, the ladies on The View, always good for an inane quote or two, have characterized suburban women who vote for the GOP as “roaches.” (Let’s see, GOP supporters have been labeled as “undesirables,” “terrorists,” “racists,” “traitors,” “Nazis,” and now “roaches.” What’s next?) Longtime, Dem Representative Henry Cuellar predicted that if the GOP were to win America would devolve into “Nazi Germany” of the 1930s and 1940s. How insulting and inflammatory is that? Imagine if a GOP politician said that? Other Dems have stated that the GOP wants to end social security and Medicare. That is as transparent a lie as I have ever heard. No sane voter would believe that. No politician has ever or will ever advocate that. It would be political suicide. That just speaks to the level of Dem desperation.

To sum up, Americans are afraid. They don’t feel safe physically, economically, or socially. They perceive that the “American Dream” is slipping away, and their country is deteriorating before their very eyes. They worry what America their children and grandchildren will inherit. They want a change. They want to return to the America they knew. Luckily, in America we have the means to effect change. It’s called an election. On November 8 I expect voters will take the first step toward change. I expect a “red wave.”

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Larry was born and raised in New York. He is 73 years old. He has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Marketing Management, and worked in the financial industry for 42 years in accounting and Compliance. Larry is also a veteran, whose hobbies are reading and golf. He has been writing a blog for three years, which is being read by people in 90 countries.
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