Tanya Hajek
Host of Niagara to Israel with Love Celebrations

Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, written on Yom Kippur

Recognition of 'Muslim majority State Kosovo' is playing with fire. Please don’t stain Israel’s hands with innocent Serbian blood
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces the establishment of full ties with the United Arab Emirates, during a news conference in Jerusalem, August 13, 2020. (Abir Sultan/Pool Photo via AP)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces the establishment of full ties with the United Arab Emirates, during a news conference in Jerusalem, August 13, 2020. (Abir Sultan/Pool Photo via AP)

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

As your proud supporter, passionate lover of Israel and strong Evangelical Zionist, I consider you as one of the greatest world leaders of our time. As a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, I commend you for your hard, dedicated and sacrificial service to Jewish nation. As a host and organizer of the most extravagant public celebration of Israel in Canada, ‘Niagara to Israel with Love’, I was blessed to start annual fireworks and illumination of Niagara Falls blue and white, in honour of Israel (first time in history), in the presence of City and Government officials, including Israel’s Consul General and Deputy Consul in Canada. Our celebration unites Christians, Jews and First Nations from both sides of the border, building bridges and strengthening ties between our three nations. I feel strong urgency to share with you a perspective, that I believe is in the best interests of Israel and yourself, as the leader.

I can’t be prouder today of my birthplace Serbia for being the FIRST European Country announcing Embassy move to Jerusalem, eternal Jewish Capital and declaring Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Oh, how I long for Canada to follow Serbian example!! Once again, this little but brave nation leads the way for the rest of Europe, standing on the right side of history. Same as we did in both World Wars, paying the ultimate price on a national level, by the highest number of casualties per capita in the WWI and fighting Turkish Ottoman Empire almost 500 years, preventing them to conquer the Europe for Islam, until our last breath. Same, as this little but brave Serbia was the first to say NO to Hitler by the national uprise, for which she has, once again, paid the ultimate price with tens of thousands Serbs perishing in the Holocaust, alongside our Jewish brothers and sisters, walking the walk of true love and not just talking the talk. The bond between Serbia and Israel is more than a friendship. It is the brotherhood. ‘A friend loves at all times, it is for adversity that such a brother is born.’ (Proverbs 17:17).

ISRAEL and SERBIA are two countries with one heart. Two nations with one soul. The bond between Serbia and Israel is more than a friendship. It is the BROTHERHOOD (Proverbs 17:17). Photo credit Aleksandar Mijatovic

My beloved PM Netanyahu, your passion for peace and zeal to make the World a better place are contagious. Having my paternal grandfather surviving the Holocaust, my maternal grandfather being wounded twice fighting Nazis, my great grandfather murdered by Nazis together with his father, the love of freedom and peace is deeply rooted in my heart.

Your already rich legacy, Sir, brilliant leadership and inspiring life story, make you my own personal hero. Your decades long efforts are highly valued by every peace loving soul in the world. The ways of achieving that peace, however, are equally important as the peace itself. The way we achieved something determines the quality and longevity of our achievement. You surely agree, that the only way to build TRUE peace bridges is on the foundation of mutual respect, honour and truth, with the TRUTH being the cornerstone of the foundation. IF the way we achieved the peace was deceiving, the peace itself will not bring blessing nor it will be long lasting. Quite the opposite. Adonai, our Holy God will never bless our deceitful ways.

I lived through Balkan wars in 1990-ies. My first cousin with whom I grew up (like my own brother), served as a Police Officer, defending Serbian Province Kosovo from Islamic terrorists. Knowing Islamic occupation of Kosovo and NATO 78 days bombing of Serbia first hand, you will surely understand why my heart broke watching your involvement in ‘Serbia-Kosovo Agreement’, by recognizing illegally, unilaterally independent Kosovo as a “majority Muslim state”.

Having said that, I am deeply concerned for the well-being of Israel after taking part in this UNJUST agreement of “normalizing Serbia-Kosovo relationship”. With all due respect, Sir, first of all, we need to define terms in order to understand what we are talking about. There is no such thing as “Serbia-Kosovo relationship”. It would be like saying Israel-Golan or America-California relationship. Rather, there is a problem with Serbian Province Kosovo under Albanian Islamic occupation. 

Dear PM Netanyahu, as you very well know, NATO led by USA helped the occupation in ’99 by 78 days bombing of Serbia, murdering thousands of Serbian civilians, soldiers, Police, totally destroying her infrastructure and causing complete economic collapse. Islamists, empowered by NATO bombsdeclared independence. Naturally, Serbia will NEVER recognize illegal theft of her own land, destroying her own nation. No sovereign country in their right mind would do such a thing. Just like Israel doesn’t recognize Illegal, unilateral “Palestinian State” at the expense of Israel’s existence nor America recognized “Independent CHAZ State”. These are equally ludicrous ideas. We must NEVER ALLOW TERRORISTS to take over the piece of ANY sovereign, free, democratic country and subdue it by force for their sick agendas. EVER.

The moment the world let Islamic terrorists take over Kosovo from Serbia with the support of NATO bombs, was the moment of the greatest tragedy since the WWII. The democracy and freedom of the modern world failed on that day. To the shame of ALL countries involved in the destruction of Serbia, to the shame of ALL who watched silently and to the shame of ALL who recognized independent Islamic Kosovo.

Kosovo is the heart of Serbia, same as Judea is the heart of Israel. It always was and always will be. There is NO such thing as the “MAJORITY Muslim nation Kosovo”. Rather, these are MINORITY Muslim Albanians, citizens of a sovereign Christian country Serbia, residents of her Southern Province KosovoKosovo is Serbian land SOAKED BY THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT SERBIAN PEOPLE, shed by Islamists and NATO. This is the ugly sin in the eyes of Adonai. Sir, I am writing this letter on Yom Kippur. My heart trembles with the fear of the Lord. My soul is in anguish before the JUDGE of the world. The Holy One of Israel. I PLEAD WITH YOU, Sir, PLEASE, don’t stain Israel’s hands with innocent Serbian blood in a favour of Albanian Islamic terrorists!!

Israel was doing GREAT during past 21 years by REFUSING Kosovo recognition. And rightly so, considering the facts:

– Serbs live in Kosovo since 7th Century – 400 years BEFORE Islam was even founded, 700 years BEFORE 1st Islamic occupation (1389 by Turks), 800 years BEFORE America was even discovered and 1,300 years BEFORE 2nd Islamic occupation in 1999, supported by NATO bombs

– After WWII Islamists, posing as poor Albanian refugees, flooded Kosovo with the help of communist dictator Tito, who BANNED Serbian refugees’ return to Kosovo. Once Albanians became majority (enormous family overgrowth), they felt empowered to start regular terrorist attacks against Serbs. Terror became daily life for Serbs in Kosovo (kidnappings, beatings, rapes, beheadings, torture till death, fear mongering, threats, intimidation, expulsion, stealing, burning and confiscation of Serbian properties for DECADES)

– When Serbian Government FINALLY said, “enough is enough”, sending Military and Police to DEFEND her civilians, the terrorists cried loud “Ethnic cleansing!! Genocide!! Serbian dictatorship!!” The West quickly fell for the “victim card” and Clinton’s Administration gathered NATO “defending poor Muslims in Kosovo”. 

– Due to her unique strategic location (bridge between East and West), Serbia is the DOORKEEPER of Europe and her Southern Province Kosovo is the FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE against Islamization of the West

– When Kosovo was 1st time occupied by Islamists, Turks advanced through Europe all the way to the Vienna’s gates, on their way to conquer the West for Islam. When Kosovo was 2nd time occupied by Islamists with NATO help, the West was FLOODED by Islamic terrorists posing as poor Muslim refugees, in no time

– By REMOVING the 1st line of defense against Islamization (Kosovo) from Serbia, NATO attacked God’s anointing on Serbian nation to be the DOORKEEPER of EU, so God’s hedge of protection was REMOVED from their own nations and tsunami of Islamic terrorist ATTACKS arose. The West didn’t stop counting the victims of Islamic terrorism ever since: 9/11, London Subway, Boston Marathon, Paris Theatre and Manchester Arena, just to name the few

– Principle of sowing and reaping still works. If a nation sowed into Islamic terrorism destroying other nation, what will they reap? Islamic terrorism destroying their own nation.

– After NATO bombs “brought freedom and democracy” to Kosovo, the wave of Islamic terror against remaining Serbs not only continued, but INTENSIFIED. Empowered by NATO military, financial and moral support, Albanian Islamists murdered in cold blood 14 Serbian peasants during harvest labor (including 4 members of one family with the 16 year old boy), on July 23rd 1999, only one month AFTER NATO bombing

– The difference between Serbian hard-working pioneers and Albanian Islamic terrorists: Serbs cultivate the land, harvesting fields of crops, while Albanians destroy the land, harvesting Serbian heads. Just like the difference between Jewish pioneers and Palestinian terrorists, burning Israeli fields with fire balloons and stabbing Jews to death.

2004 March POGROMS by Albanian Islamists against Serbian civilians: 16 Serbs murdered in cold blood; 4,000 Serbs expelled, properties confiscated; 970 Serbian homes, Churches, Monasteries and cultural monuments burned to the ground, including those from 11th Century, protected by UNESCO – witnesses of Serbs owning the land even 300 years BEFORE 1st Islamic occupation (1389)

– Even these despicable crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing by Islamists against Serbs DIDN’T stop NATO from recognizing independent Kosovo 4 years later (2008)

– Since NATO bombing, Islamists expelled from Kosovo around 250,000 Serbs, Jews, Gipsies and even Albanian Catholics i.e. ALL NON-Muslims 

– Yet, SERBIA was accused by NATO for “ethnic cleansing against poor Muslims in Kosovo” and for this “crime” she was punished mercilessly. Talk about FAKE NEWS Media war. Altering the reality by defending the offenders and accusing the innocent. Just like Israel is called apartheid occupier while Islamic terrorists are poor, oppressed Palestinians.

– Numerous international voices called for JUSTICE on behalf of Serbia, sounding the alarm of the big deceit by Islamists occupying Serbian land with NATO help, but they were ignored (just like UN & EU constantly ignore voices advocating for Israel!)

– These voices include firsthand witnesses of Serbian tragedy, Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett, Canadian soldier deployed to Bosnia Mr. Scott Taylor, as well as American, British, German and Czech Diplomats, Military experts, political analysts, historians and investigative reporters.

– Their testimonies are featured in stunning Documentary “Stolen Kosovo” by the brave Czech Filmmaker Mr. Dvorak and in short documentaries I shared. I urge you, my dear Prime Minister, to watch the documentaries and face the reality. It is SOBERING. Surely it will help your righteous decision concerning Serbian Kosovo.

By now, Sir, you probably asked yourself couple times, who in the world is this woman and how come she talks to me about diplomatic issues? Didn’t President Vucic himself sign the Agreement? You are right. At the same time, Sir, may I just kindly remind you, that even in Israel’s history, there was a time when a woman had to arise to bring clarity to her exhausted leaders who lost focus; to encourage, strengthen and give a righteous direction from the Lord – Deborah. There was a time when out of all Israel only one simple girl without a noble pedigree, Hadassah, had to be put in front of a foreign King to plead for the salvation of Israel. Queen Esther. And there was a time when none of Israel’s men were willing to face the Goliaths of their time, so one woman was forced to stand up against all odds. Golda Meir. 

Back to our topic. Joining those who call good evil and evil good (Serbs – Balkan butchers and Islamic terrorists – poor victims) is a VERY dangerous game. Playing with fire. THE fire of God’s judgment. Woe to those who call light darkness and darkness light (Isaiah 5:20). Dear PM Netanyahu, PLEASE. STOP. THE NONSENSE. Israel is committing political, moral and ethical suicide by recognizing ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED TERRITORY of Christian Serbia as a “sovereign Muslim nation”.

With all due respect, Sir, with all admiration for you as my personal favourite politician, I am sure you can clearly see now why you DON’T WANT to pull Israel into this epic fail called “Serbia-Kosovo Economic Normalization Agreement”. One needs to be blind not to see that this American administrative push ULTIMATELY leads to forcing Serbian FULL RECOGNITION of Kosovo Independence.

Declaring Kosovo as “Independent Muslim majority Country” at the expense of innocent Serbian blood and stolen land is absolutely, blatantly, one hundred percent false statement. Complete LIE. I understand it would help Israel’s image to have “the first Muslim majority country recognizing Israel’s Capital”. Except, it’s a LIE. Nasty sin before HaShem (woe to those who acquit the guilty for bribes, but deny justice to the righteous! Isaiah 5:23). Furthermore, totally UNNECESSARY now! You ALREADY have the Peace Agreement signed with the REAL, LEGITIMATE AND RESPECTED Muslim majority nations – UAE and Bahrain, with others on their way. If Kosovo should open Embassy in Jerusalem, then USA should open Embassy in Independent State of Palestine in Jerusalem.

Land for peace NEVER worked for Israel. It will NEVER work for Serbia either. The grave mistake Israel made by withdrawing troops from Gaza, creating protected Islamic terrorist HUB on her own territory, that torments Israel for 16 years, murdering her civilians and destroying land, is the same grave mistake Serbia made by withdrawing troops from Kosovo, creating protected Islamic HUB on her own territory, that torments Serbia for 21 years, murdering her civilians and destroying land. May I remind you that it was a constant diplomatic pressure by the West that FORCED Israel into this desperate, self-destructive act, as well as it was 78 days constant military pressure by the West that FORCED Serbia into this desperate, self-destructive act. If ANYONE can identify with Serbia’s open wound in Kosovo on EVERY LEVEL, it is Israel and yourself as her leader. 

Dear PM Netanyahu, I congratulate you on a brilliant Peace Agreement with UAE and Bahrain. The same way legitimate, powerful Arab countries MADE peace with Israel, acknowledging her sovereignty, democracy and freedom, BYPASSING Palestinian Islamic terrorists living in Jewish territories (Judea, Samaria and Gaza), the same way you should KEEP peace with Serbia, acknowledging her sovereignty, democracy and freedom, BYPASSING Albanian Islamic terrorists living in Serbian territory (Kosovo). As Serbia leads Europe by example, motivating them to move their Embassies to Jerusalem, Israel should in return lead by example and motivate the West and Arab World to REVOKE recognition of Kosovo. Same way USA and Arab world acknowledged that Palestinian Islamic terrorists don’t want peace with Israel but her destruction, they should acknowledge that Albanian Islamic terrorists don’t want peace but destruction of Serbia. Israel, as a TRUE friend of Serbia can help NATO and Arabs SEE Albanian Islamic terrorists, while Serbia helps Russia and China SEE that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.

Israel recognizing Kosovo and welcoming their Embassy while Serbia moves Embassy to Jerusalem and declares Hezbollah as terroristsis like Israel recognizing Independent CHAZ State and opening the Embassy in Seattle, while USA moves the Embassy to Jewish Jerusalem. PLEASE. DON’T DO to Serbia what you would NEVER do to America. The way we treat our small, vulnerable friends speaks volumes about our character and integrity. If we honour and respect only our friends who are big and powerful, while we backstab and betray our already wounded friends, just because they are not so big and powerful, on what kind of foundation are we building our nation? Even if we succeed with this approach, there is that powerful Hebrew word AHARIT – what comes after. The consequences of our sin will surely get us down the road. It’s just the matter of time.       

Israel recognizing Kosovo while Serbia moves Embassy to Jerusalem is a backstabbing. And Israel is NOT a backstabber. My dear PM Netanyahu, PLEASE, don’t make her look like one. For the sake of your children and their future. DO. THE RIGHT. THING. Re-evaluate your decision. Revoke the recognition of illegal, unilateral independence of Kosovo.

Please hear my heart, I am all for justice and justice aloneIsrael welcoming Islamic Kosovo Embassy in Jerusalem is equal backstabbing as Serbia welcoming Islamic Palestinian Embassy in Belgrade (2015) and I am addressing this issue in my open letter to President Vucic. The last thing Israel and Serbia need at this moment are friendly fires of mutual exhaustion and humiliation, presented as “successful diplomatic relations”. Shooting your own comrades in the back never brought victory to any Army. UNITY is the answer. And there is no true, healthy, lasting unity without mutual honour and respect. 


Israel and Serbia are two countries with one heart. Two nations with one soul. Our way of unity was bought by the great price. It is paved by the blood of our fallen fathers, mothers, grandparents, sons and daughters in our mutual fight against Nazism and Islamic terrorism – two most evil entities of our times. Furthermore, our way of unity is paved by the precious Jewish blood of our Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. That blood gave to Serbian nation an access to the God of Israel, so we can stand with you as Ruth stood with Naomi, saying “your people are my people and your God is our God”. It is crucial for both, Israel and Serbia, to stop political flip-flopping. By continuing, we are departing from our ancient paths given by the Ancient of Days. We must turn our eyes to the Mountains of Zion, where our help comes from, from the God of Israel Himself. United we stand. Divided we fall. 


Peace built upon FALSE CLAIMS, like “Muslim majority country Kosovo”, is a FALSE PEACE. By willingly endorsing false peace, Sir, you are opening the door and setting the stage for your nation to one day welcome the false Messiah and shake hands with Antichrist himself – the peace-FAKER. By Israel endorsing Independent Islamic Kosovo, Serbia endorsing Independent Islamic Palestine and America endorsing their actions (as the CREATOR of these false narratives, by the power of NATO bombs and the Two States Solution), ALL three nations are falling into a grave danger of deception, being an easy prey of our mutual enemy – Islamic terrorism. If ever was the time to be vigilant, innocent as doves and wise as snakes, it is NOW. 

I am so excited to see you and President Trump nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Well deserved! BUT, if you don’t use the same principle of bypassing Albanian terrorists in Serbian territory as you used bypassing Palestinian terrorists in Jewish territories, your historic peace with UAE and Bahrain, unfortunately, will no longer be legitimate historic Peace, deserving Nobel Prize. Sadly, it will be downgraded to nothing more than the double standard and hypocrisy of dirty political games. That’s. Not. The legacy. You. Want. To leave. Our God is the God of JUSTICE. That means equal scales for ALL.

My dear PM Netanyahu, I PLEAD WITH YOUmake sure your actions are heavy weight and you are found worthy on God’s scales of Justice in this month of Tishrei, so you don’t see a hand writing on the wall during your Government. With Serbia announcing Embassy move to Jerusalem as the FIRST European country and declaring Hezbollah as terrorist organization, it is only JUST that in return Israel recognizes Albanian Islamic terrorist occupation of Serbian Kosovo by attacking a sovereign nation, therefore, Israel IMMEDIATELY REVOKES recognition of illegal, unilateral Kosovo Independence.

IF you change Israel’s RIGHTEOUS stand for the past 21 years into UNRIGHTEOUS & INJUST, by supporting this crime against humanity called STOLEN Kosovo, staining Israel’s hands with innocent Serbian blood, may HaShem have mercy on you, on your nation and the Land of Israel.

With all my love, admiration and honour for you as one of the best world leaders, for such a time as this.

I remain sincerely yours,

Tanya Hajek, Host of ‘Niagara to Israel with Love’


About the Author
Tanya Hajek is a writer, Real Estate Investor, Evangelical Zionist, Jewish-Christian Communities bridge builder. She organized and hosted the most extravagant celebration of Israel’s 70th in Canada (City/Government officials, Israeli Consul General & Economic Attaché present) with glorious 7-min fireworks for Israel’s 7 decades above Niagara Falls and illuminated the Falls in honour of Israel’s national flag for the 1st time in history. Born only 30 miles from historic Pranjani Airport where brave Serbian villagers rescued over 500 US Airmen during WWII; continuously living on borders (Serbian-Croatian; Slovak-Austrian and US-CAN), holding triple citizenship & speaking 4 languages, being a natural bridge-builder is who she is. As a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, passion to see the nations of the world coming to the realization of the importance of favouring Zion is in her DNA. Tanya Hajek answers the call of raising up 21st Century Esther’s Army.
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