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Orly Levy-Abekassis, A Mind of Her Own

What a week!  Kudos to Alan M. Dershowitz who gave us a lesson in the core principles of democracy and the rule of law.  Whether you like Bibi or not, anyone is innocent until proven guilty.  An indictment is only an accusation.  It is a far cry from a conviction.  Besides, in criminal law, one has to prove his case against the indicted by 99.9%.  Conviction by television doesn’t count, nor does conviction by politics.  Lucky for us Alan was in Israel to talk to us at a conference organised by Dan Diker at the Mishkenont Sha’ananim Conference Center this February who by the way has a great new book out:  Israelophobia:  The Dangerous Dance between BDS and Anti-Semitism.

Ari Harow also has a few words of wisdom in his “We The People” feature in the JPost on Tuesday.  He describes the battle of the egos and the harmful tactics of Liberman and Gantz to try to attain power at all costs….to risk everything to form a government that is anti-Israel, anti-IDF solely to get rid of one person.

The worst offender in my humble opinion is Moshe “Bogue” Yaalon, who sat by Bibi’s side for years during our visits to the Knesset with AFL American Friends of Likud and was considered his right-hand man, until he didn’t get what he wanted and he jumped ship.  He was quoted in this week’s army radio that:

Election results place a dilemma before us: what election promises to violate. In this situation, removing Netanyahu [from office] is the top priority. We have no choice but to accept support from the Joint List.”

Since when is removing someone from office an election goal?  Goals are health, education, welfare, safety, etc…etc…..  These guys have lost it.  Don’t they realise that the public will disdain them for such antics?

Having said all the, we all must applaud Orly Levy-A for her brave stand and for sticking to her values.  I’m not quite sure how she drifted left, but she came to her senses and wasn’t afraid to take a position in the best interests of the country, which caused an uproar and tons of criticism.  She is strong and will survive.  It is time to take a good look at this beautiful and intelligent women who wouldn’t give in to pressure and stood up for what she believes in.  I think she has a bright future.

For now we wait and hope the coronavirus slows down, a cure is found, and the right government will be formed.

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