Our common Jewish destiny

Our Jewish destiny is the same, independent of our personal belief.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are angry at Modern Orthodox, and obviously every other Jew who does not practice Judaism their way. On the other extreme, American Jews who are drifting away from our Jewish core and values do not grasp that their liberalism and humanistic values — that they believe are their core values — will disappear in one to two generations. You do not transmit millennia-developed Jewish ethics and wisdom on the fly. It does not persist in a vacuum. Our core Jewish values of demanding honesty, caring for the stranger, making the world a better place, are contrary to human nature. It requires belonging to Jewish institutions and regular association and practices of Judaism to retain, and transmit these essential values.

We modern Jews do not realize that our worldviews, our core idealism is based on the work, dedication, and sacrifice of thousands of Orthodox rabbis and millions of Orthodox Jews who were taken from us by the sword. Generation after generation they were willing to die rather than give up their Judaism. We should give thanks that they kept their Judaism alive, and did not take the easy path, and joined their Christians, or Muslim oppressors, or just gave up and “integrated.”

Christianity in the past, the EU and the UN now, and Muslim extremists today do not care if you are Orthodox or liberal when they target Jews.

Time for a little reality: Before the Israelis fought for their lives, created the State of Israel, and won the 1967 war, American Jews suffered from wide discrimination, on the job, housing, universities, and social setting. Many Jews here forgot the indispensable value of the State of Israel to their own awakening, to their freedom and their happiness here. Israelis success was our success, their freedom, our liberation here. The Israelis sacrificed 23,000 brave people to gain independence and freedom in addition to one hundred thousands injured (immense percentages in tiny Israel then) to create Israel, and give Judaism worldwide pride and strength. What did Americans Jews scarified? Some donation you may say? Even after the Jewish contributions in WWII, American anti-Semitism was strong and consistent.

Again, this is crucial: Jews were substantially more integrated into American society because of Israel’s strength and pride. Before Israel, Jews across the world were mostly known for our old history and our millennia-old weakness. No nation wanted us for long. To survive we became the “wondering Jews.” We were known for our subservience and our holocaust. We were known, and felt it deeply internally, for millennia long life-threatening discrimination and pogroms. Those sad experiences were our internal and external identity. Israel independence and strength broke this mold. Israel gave us the emotional strength that was necessary for Jewish integration into American lives. We now had a proud identity, we had a home. Thus Israel gave Jews in the US freedom from persistent anti-Semitism. All of these came ONLY AFTER the Israelis showed us what Jews could do. If Israel falls, so would the strength of American Jewry.

We are facing now global anti-Semitism of the depth and breath we did not suffer from the time of the holocaust. We must grasp that this global anti-Semitism is not just against those who wear kippas, but also against “liberal Jews.” We mistakenly think here that we are free, well integrated, and independent. We also think that global anti-Semitism is just against Israelis who do not want to listen to reason and make peace.

Some of us Jews love our dedicated enemies and hate other Jews who do not agree with them.

We Jews are often our worse enemy. Until we will stand tall together and respect our diversity, at least as much as we claim to respect that diversity of the rest of society. And respect and appreciate that our common values are well beyond what differentiate us; we will go down hill… Brotherly hate is not a path for long-term survival.

God will help you if you are unable or unwilling to realize that we live together or die together. American Jews, European Jews and Israelis too. That is the lesson of our long history.

When we Jews fight and hate and dislike one another because we do not think like “them,” or “they “do not practice Judaism like us, or feel differently about what Israel should do, we all will fall together.

About the Author
Dr. Matania Ginosar was born and raised in Israel to a family that has lived in Israel for more than 200 years. At age 15, he joined the Lechi underground to liberate Israel and was arrested by the British. He is a founding member of a kibbutz near the Gaza border. Dr. Ginosar has a B.S. & M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He was a Teaching Assistant MIT. M.S. management as well as Doctorate in Environmental Science from UCLA. Twenty yr. in Electronic Engineering. Manager Solar office and Wind- Energy program for State of California, Pioneered wind energy in Calif, first in the world. Directed political activists against nuclear weapons' buildup Pro bono for 9 yrs. Blogging on Israeli issues for over 15 yrs. writer, teacher.
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