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Our Creator doesn’t want misinformed frightened Jews prevented from worshipping

The Creator I worship does not want misinformed frightened Jews prevented from worshiping. I applaud the Supreme Court decision which remains true to the Constitution and permits protected worship. We, as Jews, know much about restrictions to our ability to pray. You may rightly ask, “What about the danger from the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) coronavirus and it potentially killing our people gathered in prayer?”

My response is to encourage you to read Dr. Jay Bhattacharya who posits that despite the great lie propagated by the CCP dominated World Health Organization, which was based on the infamous debunked Imperial College of London prediction of 7.5 million American deaths.  The actual death rate from COVID-19 is closer to .025%.  Of those over age 70, a good 95% infected DO survive. So why lockdown and ignore the devastating social and psychological effects of “Shut Downs” that have been universally proven to be ineffective? (See the Great Barrington study and the work of Alex Berenson).

We can observe COVID protocols, protect the elderly and immune-compromised, and still gather to pray safely. It is, without a doubt, gatherings such as the unmasked and un distanced Satmar Hasidic wedding and the mass demonstrations turned riots throughout our cities are super spreader events. So many American rabbis are driven by the politics of submission and fear-mongering which fits so neatly into their own political belief system. Does anyone fear the collateral damage of death, depression, and suicide that comes from lockdowns?  Is that halachically acceptable?  Where are the advocates of sane, managed risk in all of this madness?Outdoor prayer masked and distanced is both responsible and desirable – if you are still cowering in fear then stay home and daven.

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Rabbi David Baron was born in New York and graduated from The City University of New York with a double major in Political Science and Hebrew Literature. He completed his rabbinical studies and was ordained in Jerusalem, Israel. Today, Rabbi Baron is Founding Rabbi of Temple of the Arts in Beverly Hills, California.
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