Andrew D. Lappin

Our feckless president takes one last pathetic stab

Could it be more than coincidence that the start of Chanukah this year falls on Christmas Eve? Perhaps it has something to do with the grating judgement that was pronounced Friday from the United Nations Security Council. This judgement, supported by our nations President, in essence reconstructs the history of the world, by disavowing the 3,300 year Jewish presence in the land of Israel, the eternal significance of the First and Second Temples, located in Jerusalem, and of Jerusalem as the ancient capital of Israel.

If anything, this earth shattering break with longstanding United States diplomatic protocol directly targets the sanctity of the belief that empowered our Founding Fathers to proclaim that “all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. It was through a Judeo/Christian grounding that the Founding Fathers, all who were literate in Hebrew, and who passionately acknowledged the G d of Moses, validated their interpretation, of what they fervently believed to have been man’s divinely decreed rights of individuality.

American exceptionalism is the proof that individuality, anchored democratically in law, which has been imbued through the greatness of Judeo/Christian roots, is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. We are unlike no other nation because we started with a clean slate. We began unencumbered by the suffocating baggage of royalist or religious dogmas. We became united as a great people, because “under G d” we embraced the values of “liberty and justice for all”.

Attempting to delegitimize Israel’s undeniable connection to its ancient Jewish roots, is actually the final stab by our president at “fundamentally transforming” and erasing America’s Judeo/Christian narrative. Whether it has been Obamacare, other contorted efforts of economic redistribution, or tearing up the template of the prevailing world order, our president’s insidious attempt to validate the denigration of our religious foundation, strays with wanton viciousness at the heart of our innate character as a nation.

Throughout the ages, kings, rulers, and despots unwittingly challenged the durability of the Exodus narrative, and G d’s promise of Israel to the Jewish people. Chanukah, which took place in 165bc depicts such a fruitless challenge by the powerful Greek Empire. The short version of the story is that under the leadership of the Maccabees, a handful of Jewish guerillas were able to beat back the legions of oppressive Greek warriors who occupied the nation of Israel. The Maccabees evicted the Greeks from Jerusalem, however the Greeks had maliciously defiled the Holy Temple of Jerusalem (an historical landmark which the UNSC resolution seeks to deny). It was only through the discovery by the Maccabees of a day’s worth of olive oil that the “eternal light” would remain lit miraculously for eight days, allowing for the joyful rededication of the Holy Temple.

Our president, unlike Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, should understand that neither he, the mighty Greek Empire, the Nazis nor the Soviets had, despite massive physical superiority, the ability to either diminish or erase the ageless narrative of Jerusalem. Our president in comparison to Antiochus, Nebuchadnezzar, Haman, Queen Isabel, Hitler or Stalin, all massive personas and, rabid enemies of the Jewish narrative, casts a comparatively pallid presence. Which makes the odds of the successful fruition of his vilely perfidious action at the United Nations, pathetically laughable.

About the Author
Andrew D. Lappin is a redeveloper of urban industrial properties. He is a former board member of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Embers Foundation, the Committe for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA), and serves on The Illinois Policy Board which monitors corporate compliance with the state's anti-BDS statute. The opinions expressed are by Lappin personally and NOT the views of any of the organizations with which he is affiliated.
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