Our Hope Is Not Yet Lost- Or Is It?

When did we stop feeling?

When did we become so numb?

When did we become so indifferent?

When did killing become a thing that passes near us?

When did a murder of a 13 year old in her sleep by a 17 year old does not make us scream as hard as we can that something have to change here?

When did shooting a car with a Jewish family inside and murdering the father in front his family is worth only a few headlines on TV and a few Facebook posts?

When did a Rocket hitting a kindergarten in Sderot is not worth even that?

When did this wave of terror become a reality of terror that we are used to?

When did this reality become normal?

When did we continue living our lives like nothing happened? When did the words “It will be alright” stop being relevant because you know it won’t?

When did fear and trauma become a part of waking up in the morning?

When did a stabbing in the street is OK because nobody got hurt? When did we start accepting this life and decided that “this is our normal”?

When did we stop aching? When did our body and soul become dull to the pain?


When did we give up?

When did we lose all hope of changing this country and making it a better place for us, for our kids and for the next generations?

When did we become heartless to the people that we call “them”, to the people that are different from us and even to our own people?

When did we start hating each other, blaming one another for all the wrongs that are happening in this country?

When did we stop taking responsibility upon ourselves, our actions, our society, our country and our people?

When did something died inside of us? When did our inner light and our light to the nations got so small that even we can barely see it?


When did we stop believing?

When did we stop believing in hope for a better future?

When did we start accepting this crazy reality and not do anything about it?

When did we stop taking actions, knowing that we can make a difference?

When did we stop being Zionists and pursuing justice?

When did we stop knowing what’s just?

When did we lose our compass and ourselves?

When did we disengage?

When did we become so indifferent?

Because the minute we did is the minute that we became numb, that we gave up and lost all hope.


We keep singing “Our hope is not yet lost” but is it?

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of beauty is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, but indifference between life and death.” Elie Wiesel

About the Author
Lipaz Ela is a Jewish Agency Israel Fellow for Hillel at UCLA. Originally from Jerusalem, she served as an Adjutant Officer in the IDF Air Force for the past seven years. While a soldier, she was a member of the IDF spokesman delegation to the Jewish Federations. She completed her BA in Political Science at Bar Ilan University. Her passion for writing started at her current job at UCLA while facing the challenges of being a Jewish Zionist outside of Israel.
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