Jack Molad

Our Prolonged War

It is not a secret that the IDF is not up to destroying Hamas. Several reasons for this reality come to mind. First and foremost are the many hostages still held by Hamas. Avinatan Or, a former hostage, came out with a most reasonable declaration, saying that Hamas will not release hostages through negotiations, since they are the only lifeline can save them. Furthermore, they are watching the growing anti-Israel bias and waiting for international pressure to get a ceasefire without releasing anyone. Our enemies are also aware of the pressure on the government which comes from all sides, the families of the hostages as well as political anti-government movements.

One possible solution is for Israel to go in and get the hostages out, while eliminating Hamas’s presence on the strip. This, of course is easier said than done. Hamas, in control of the strip, force the civilian population to absorb IDF retaliations, thereby causing civilian casualties that are being staged for all TV networks around the clock.

Another serious factor that is greatly overlooked is the enormous amount of cash flowing into Hamas’s pockets. This free wealth has instead been used to dig tunnels, buy arms, pay militants, as well as to pad the pockets of their leaders in Gaza and abroad. No longer this terrorist organization Is considered a small terror faction, with the wealth coming in non stop, it is a very dangerous, well armed, and guided group.

Presently, following the exchange of attacks by both Israel and Iran, it appears that we may have some relatively quiet times ahead. It also exposed Iran vulnerability in their defense, in spite of their “mocking” it as an Israeli failure.

Contrary to the many voices criticizing Israel’s failure to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, I think that Israel’s limited attack was the right thing to do. The last thing we need now is to open a massive attack on all three fronts, with Iran, Lebanon, and Hamas. It was also limited due to pressure mostly from the Biden administration. As it appears now, that move enabled U.S. Congress to pass a massive military aide long awaiting for.

As it appears now, the IDF can concentrate on removing the Hamas threat, and perhaps reaching the Hostages hideouts. Since this does not look like Hamas is willing to negotiate, our only chance to get them out is by military force. As we all know, the IDF assault on Raffa is not going to be an easy task with several factors involved. First, they are waiting and prepared for it. Next, they have got the civilian population to absorb the incoming fire, causing great loss of lives. They will also have explosive booby traps every foot of the way, which could cause great loss of lives. Bottom line, we go in regardless, using IDF special skills, hopefully we will get the job done.

Jack Molad

About the Author
Jack Molad was born in Tel Aviv in 1930 during the British Mandate period and fought with the Haganah. Jack set out for the United States to spread Israeli tradition to Jews in the US. He achieved a masters degree at Saint Louis University and established Hebrew programs for traditional Jewish youth in Saint Louis, Omaha, and Dallas. Jack also founded and led Teen Tours, a summer program in Israel for traditional Jewish teens to experience Israel. Jack returned to Jerusalem in 2021, where he resides with many of his children and grandchildren.
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