Out of the Ballot, into the Country

There are much discussed benefits of increased density within the city. Efficient allocation of resources and access to more opportunities for work and recreation draw people together.

But, to quote Architect David Sherki, “the city ends where the view begins.”

Photo courtesy of @building.jerusalem on instagram

There is no better time to venture beyond the city bounds, to escape the intensity of politics and city life, than election day.

Here are two suggestions for the Jerusalem city-dweller to nab some views. Both are no more than a quarter hour from town and feature architectural interest.

The Bridge at Emek HaArazim

Photo courtesy of @building.jerusalem on instagram

Add a bit of adventure to the magic of the flowering almond trees in Emek HaArazim by crossing the valley’s bubbling brook on a rope bridge. A paved route and nearby park make this destination particularly attractive to families with young children. On the hillside, the picturesque ruins of Lifta seem to crumble into the landscape.

Photo courtesy of @building.jerusalem on instagram

Yad Kennedy Memorial

Photo courtesy of @building.jerusalem on instagram
This monument, designed by David Resnic and Dov Feigin, pays tribute to the accomplishments of President Kennedy. It is made all the more striking by its breathtaking surroundings. Sit under the pines and watch the intercity trains wind their way through the Jerusalem Hills.

City life in Jerusalem is made all the greater by the easy escape to the surrounding nature. Step out of the ballot and into the country.

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Liba grew up in New York, thinking of Jerusalem as a far-off place to visit in prayer. Today, she practices architecture in what she now knows is a very real, contemporary city, with all the potential in the world. Liba encourages discussion about architecture in Jerusalem @Building.Jerusalem on Instagram.
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