Aviva Safir

Outliving the Enemy

That’s our legacy. Having a voice at the world table when our enemies have been silenced. Out living Hamas. Outliving Hezbolla. Outliving Houthis. Outliving anyone who has it out for us.

Even when we’re dead, we’re still very much alive. Our connection to this world is so deeply rooted, embedded, even if only a tiny drop of us is left we profoundly impact the goodness of the world.

A message to our enemies.
Crush us like olives, and you’ll only get golden pure oil. While your hands get tired and exhausted we are only getting better. And what was once an olive will soon be used to light up the world starting inside every home.
From zayit to bayit we as a people refined from the pressure we were forced under. What other nation has been persecuted so horrifically and returned to their home only with the mission of bringing more genuine, authentic light into the world?
What is it? What drives us to live so fiercely? Religious or not we we all ultimately want peace among us. We are olive oil from a land flowing with milk and honey. We are what you made us.
So thank you sworn enemies. Because without you we wouldn’t be who you will not live to see us be.
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