Overseas Jews on Israel’s elections: da’i, maspik, halas!

Da’i, Maspik, Halas— Hebrew and Arabic for ‘enough’.

This is what I am telling my fellow Jews residing overseas on both ends of the spectrum that blast their condescending opinions with regards to Israel’s recent elections through social media.

If you live overseas and are in favor of giving land for peace, then please come and live in Israel’s south where rockets fell multiple times per day for months last summer as the Israeli right would claim as a result of handing over Gaza to the Palestinians.

If you live overseas and are in favor of expanding settlements, then come and live in our cities where multiple car ramming and stabbing attacks occurred this past year in what the Israeli left would blame as a result of occupation.

My point is that it does not matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, whether it is the right, left, or center.  It is not your children that will don an army uniform and carry a gun in order to defend these decisions.  It is not your family member that can be in the wrong place or time if a terror attack is carried out.

If you have such strong opinions about how Israel’s government should be run, then I invite you to come and live in Israel in order to live with the repercussions of all of your aggressive views that are posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Your job as a Jew living overseas is to support the only Jewish state in a world that is continuously demonizing it on a daily basis regardless of who is prime minister.  Instead of attacking Israel’s election results or the political views of others on the topic of Israel, defend the fact that there is the freedom to have an opposing view in Israel.

On March 17th,  Israel’s citizens spoke with democratic elections for what they would like to see carried out by a new government that will affect their future.

So unless you decide to make aliyah, which is every Jew’s right to do— Da’i. Maspik. Halas.

About the Author
Joey is a writer, social activist, and new immigrant to Israel. He works as a program manager for an international Israel education organization, where he trains students from around the world in Israel activism. Before immigrating to Israel, Joey received a BA in Middle Eastern studies and political science at the University of Arizona. He served as a lone soldier in the IDF with the Paratrooper Brigade.
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